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superdreamcast64 t1_j6y6fol wrote

yes!! and some cameras have the opposite problem of being overly sensitive. i swear i see the red light cam on Cold Spring at Morgan State flashing at people who are literally not moving (or are coming to a stop just a few inches past the white line).


wer410 t1_j6ywzvq wrote

Coming to a stop past the white line will get you a ticket.


superdreamcast64 t1_j6yy6oc wrote

i feel like it’s kinda cheap when it’s just like, someone’s bumper extending a few inches past the white line. i’m not talking about the rubes who stick their car halfway into the intersection before coming to a full stop.


wer410 t1_j6z0m2g wrote

B'more City does not care about your feelings if they can collect $75 from you.


Alwayspacing92 t1_j708c9x wrote

Anytime I had to go in that area I always stay very far behind the line as to not even chance the light triggering.


[deleted] t1_j6zgrb9 wrote



Cepia t1_j70cz8q wrote

As far as I know, the red light citations are reviewed and verified by an officer using video replay.