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SmileySayz_92 t1_j6zn3qr wrote

In my neighborhood: My recycle is picked up every two weeks, street sweep is every two weeks on Wednesdays.

But I would like for the speed humps to get fixed.


metagloria t1_j71o8j0 wrote

My block has a sign that says street sweeping is on...Tuesdays, I think?

In nine years I've never seen a street sweeper truck.


MotoSlashSix t1_j72ms30 wrote

If your block is anything like ours, you'll see the parking enforcement tickets going on windshields whether or not you see the street sweepers.


metagloria t1_j734gez wrote

My block is nothing like yours, then, fortunately.


MotoSlashSix t1_j7376ug wrote

yeah good for you all then. Unfortunately my neighbors get the tickets but not the benefits of the sweepers.


Dylan552 t1_j7072s5 wrote

How do you find out what streets get sweeped, ours in canton definitely needs it stepping in like 6 inches of mud getting out of my car everyday


Animanialmanac t1_j70g6x1 wrote

What neighborhood is this? From my experience the difference between neighborhoods is getting bigger.


RyCalll t1_j71e066 wrote

Must be nice lol. It was more than a month for recycling without pickup this last time


awolfgangc t1_j70jl3x wrote

Serious mud issues at street corners in Fells Point. The sweeping ain't happening here.


Animanialmanac t1_j71bi8s wrote

It’s surreal to read complaints about mud in other neighborhoods, we have whole trees that fell in the road last year and still haven’t been removed.


wtryan84 t1_j71s3ao wrote

We don't have tax dollar street cleaning in Fells. The businesses pay the Waterfront Partnership to get the main streets, which they do in these smaller golf cart sized vacuum equipped vehicles. However, I've seen neighbors ask for and receive assistance from those guys for residential spaces. They are pretty great. Personally, I clean my own street gutters a few times a year.