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TrhwWaya t1_ja3smpv wrote

Had roof redone twice In 20 years. No problems. You don't even need permits unless you are seriously modifying it. Sorry this happened to you.


POGTFO t1_ja5fh94 wrote

Who did you use for your roof, if you don’t mind me asking?


TrhwWaya t1_ja5lkp3 wrote

Horizon roofing.


bosconet t1_ja5rp88 wrote

i had them (Horizon) out a few years ago to assess my roof and they came out within a day or two, assessed the roof, invited me up to explain what they saw, pronounce the roof OK and charged me nothing.

Left a good feeling about them...and they will be a call again to assess the roof again soonish.


BeyondRecovery1 t1_ja5fp0f wrote

When do you have to redo it and why


TrhwWaya t1_ja5l2f4 wrote

Used horizon Roofing both times.

After purchase, had a new rubber roof but it needed light touch ups and ultimately a new redo of a section of my upper roof with some kind of resealing around my hvac unit. Then 10 years later needed this:

Clean Roof of all Debris. Repair & Reseal Front Eaves Elevations. Install New Metal at Front Eaves Detail. Repair & Seal all Roof Penetrations. Make Field & Seam Repairs with Roofing Cement & Tape Apply a Silver Aluminum Coating to all Horizontal and Vertical Roofing Surfaces at a rate of 1.5 gallons per 100 sq. ft Redo section of upper and lower Roof. (Sorry had this written out on another location and don't have specs handy) Seal and Secure Properly. Final job site clean-up.