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LLcoolJimbo t1_ja486ik wrote

Ummmm, I’ve had Brother’s Roofing replace two roofs and they never used the fact my roof was removed as leverage halfway through. The second house had some sheathing water damage, issues with the chimney flashing, and a few rotten joists where birds had pulled up the roof and nested. They just fixed it along the way and let me know afterwards that they chimney would also need to be repointed soon. This should be a don’t use these folk review.


witty_usrnm_goeshere t1_ja54ip9 wrote

I, too, used Brother's Roofing on a single family home sized roof. I consistently recommend them. People comment that they are expensive but, given my experience, I'd rather pay more up front than have to pay more later to fix their mistakes.

Thanks to the previous owner, when they pulled up the roof we had to replace SIX plywood boards and I think we paid an extra $500. The itemized list of work was 2 pages and the total was $13k or so. Came with a 25y, transferable warranty for materials and workmanship.

When I sold the house a few years later, the buyer's inspector tried to say our roof was sagging and suggested we replace the entire thing. I immediately called Brothers who sent someone out to check, for free, and tell the inspector (who, it turns out, didn't even get on the roof) to shove it.

I would pay "extra" for them 100 times out of 10.


israeljeff t1_ja65jmy wrote

Big same, I have nothing but praise for them.

Granted, I've only replaced my roof once, and it's a shingled roof on a cape cod in the county, but the whole process was easy, the pricing was transparent, the actual new roof was about six hours start to finish in one day, and I didn't find so much as a splinter in my yard afterward.

I'm slightly less impressed with the gutter team, but not so much I wouldn't contact them again, frankly.