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imperaman t1_ja5we2c wrote

Wow. You paid 31.5k to demo an old roof, replace one joist, install particle board or OSB, and install torchdown. You could have gotten all of that work with a new 20-year TPO roof for less than half of what you paid.

You got terribly ripped off.

Honestly, you're better off renting instead of owning. I'm not saying that to be an asshole. I've known people like you. They are so bad at managing house ownership that they spend much more owning a house than they would to rent the exact same house. They describe their houses as money pits.


sxswnxnw t1_ja60l6m wrote

This is such a silly response. LOL you are saying that to be an asshole, actually.

No one is born knowing the cost of a roof repair or replacement, nor born inherently better at being a renter rather than a homeowner. All of that is learned. If you learned it, anyone can. Because clearly you aren't any genius making generalizations like that.