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shrugsnotdrugs t1_ja5zlwl wrote

I don’t have anything to add but thank you for sharing about Roger Shiflett - I live in South Baltimore (where he seems to live?) and EVERYONE always recommends him on our neighborhood Facebook groups. That “Mexican” comment is disgusting and I’ll be sure to let others know.


ah_alyssa t1_ja6wbgs wrote

yes!! i am so shocked about that bit, it def should be shared with others. i’ve seen countless positive posts about him and seen others vouch for him to people in emergency situations. it’s insane he felt comfortable saying that at all, much less to a potential customer


XanderCruse t1_ja7xn7w wrote

He made the same comment to me after the roof he installed caused a huge leak in my house the day after installation. Especially bad because my girlfriend at the time was Mexican and standing right next to me. He also got mad at me for being upset that the new completed roof already caused a worse leak than my old one ever did only one day after it was completed. Thankfully, I haven't had leaks in awhile but it took a long time to have peace of mind. Would love to learn about some roofers who aren't slimeballs. Seems pretty rare.


protomolocular t1_ja8608n wrote

Funny enough, I had a wonderful experience with a Hispanic crew who did not only a great job but at a good value too. This guy sounds like a racist creep.


MotoSlashSix t1_ja83m0e wrote

We had an insurance adjuster who got fired over similar comments when he came out to write up our roof replacement a few years ago. We had hail damage and he came out to do the adjustment on our roof, so I was deferential because the guy basically held our claim in his hands.

At one point he said something about "sweating like Jesses Jackson in a paternity test." Then he started talking about "Mexican crews." I waited for him to finish. Then called my friend who runs a roofing company. He put a call into the adjuster's owner/boss. The guy called me and said he fired the guy. Totally apologized. He was humiliated. HE also ended up writing the adjustment to cover every possible cost from the roof to storm windows, gutters, inside ceiling. All of it.