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This is going to be a bit of a stretch but trying my luck. My husband was robbed at gunpoint last night around 10 PM. They stole our car, his wallet, phone, anything that was in the car. He is currently working with the police to try and retrieve his things. He was able to get his wallet back and we know the current location of his phone but still no trace of the car. I'm asking if you guys could just be on the lookout for a 2015 Black Toyota Camry, license plate number 6BX6603. If you are able to look into the car (by chance that you spot it), there is a carseat behind the passenger side. If the carseat isn't there, there should be a big white-ish stain in that seat (yogurt stain, courtesy of my kid). We also have a sun screen for the rear window (unless they took that off too). The last location of the car was probably around Perring Parkway. I'm not really sure what to expect and I don't want to get my hopes up but I'm gonna try what I can. Please spread the word if you can, especially if you know anyone from that area. Please message me in the chance that you've seen it or heard of anything. Thank you.

Edited to add: Husband said that it happened on Regester St, which is a turn off from Loch Raven Blvd. There are some apartments back there (past Overlook Park) and those apartments are where the carjacking happened. I mentioned this in the comments but this incident actually happened with a different delivery driver the previous night at the same location, just with a different apartment building right next door. I know there are also a lot of children in that area so families, please be careful.



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chalks777 t1_jaclqqk wrote

I had my car stolen (while parked, not while I was in it) almost two months ago. I filed the police report and cops told me "why didn't you call insurance first?" Insurance said "it usually takes 3 weeks, if the cops don't talk to us by then we'll cut you a check." 2 weeks and 6 days later the car turned up in a city impound lot. 3 weeks and a ton of paperwork and headache later, the car was out of impound and insurance called it a total loss anyways.


I hope your story goes better than mine, but I recommend starting to figure out an alternative transportation solution now. I got the distinct impression that my story is the "normal" one.

Edit: oh, and we had two carseats in our car. We didn't get either of them back because the amount of drug shit in the car (i.e. needles) was ridiculous. If you need a carseat, KISS might be able to help.


etoilebrille OP t1_jacmykc wrote

I’m hoping the suspects who stole the car (they were young, according to my husband) will be stupid enough to speed through a camera or park it somewhere it can get towed. I’m sorry you had to go through that too and it’s always a pain to run back and forth with insurance with anything.

Edited to add: we will most likely throw away that car seat too. My son is old enough to be in a booster now (also meets weight requirement) so if we need to buy again, it won’t be too expensive. But thank you for that link. I’ll still look into it.


Chc36 t1_jacnpmn wrote

If it winds up in a collision, your insurance company will pay to replace the car seat for you too


CandidateNice t1_jacqzrb wrote

My car was stolen in January. The police found it within 2 hours because I had an Apple AirTag hidden inside. I had an officer sitting with me holding my phone tracking the thieves every move as they guided a police car to them. They are four for $100! I know it’s no help once you’re car is gone, but I highly recommend everyone give this a try.


etoilebrille OP t1_jacv0b9 wrote

Wow, that is smart. $100 investment is certainly worth it if it means finding your car that quickly. Might have to do that for ourselves for the future.


Accomplished-Pen4934 t1_jacy5cn wrote

I have one in my backpack, on my keys, and one hidden in my car. Basically anything that I could possible misplace I’ve got one in. The $100 is worth the peace of mind if nothing else


cassiecat t1_jadw4ox wrote

They're even cheaper at Costco. I think $85/4?


bmore t1_jad9ryl wrote

In the city? You found the only cop willing to do this lol. Lucky.


iftair t1_jademjk wrote

Is there a Samsung/Android version of Apple AirTag?


nonotsafestuff t1_jadnq0x wrote

Tile is going to be the closest thing, however it might not be as accurate because it relies on saturation for tracking (meaning that there has to be enough people using the app or with tile devices within a specific distance of the tracker to accurately track it). They just announced a anti-theft mode too


DirtyPolecat t1_jadv482 wrote

Samsung SmartTags for Samsung phones, and Tile seems to be popular for all the others.


clebo99 t1_jad46v5 wrote

I just bought that 4 pack. Thanks for the reminder that these are helpful.


ObviousGazelle t1_jac3dmy wrote

Check here every couple of days. If it shows up in a city impound lot it'll appear here. Edit posted wrong link. It's the link to findmytow below. Apologies

Make sure your contact information is up to date.

And count your lucky stars. I was shot 13 times for my car just over a year ago and barely survived. I'm still in a wheelchair. Count your lucky stars.


Latirostris t1_jacaw2f wrote

That link is for some sort of Facebook reel.


ObviousGazelle t1_jadz5v4 wrote

Removed thanks. Apologies all around. I was very tired early this morning !


addctd2badideas t1_jacy362 wrote

Oh my God. 13 times? Jesus, that's an entire magazine.

I hope you're able to recover someday.


ObviousGazelle t1_jadjfrh wrote

It was 15 total technically. 13 penetrated. Two hit the ground right in front of me and flattened out, and spent just enough energy to not penetrate. One hit my thigh which already took 6 rounds and the other hit me in my right arm pit. I woke up a week later and still had a softball sized mound of purple and black flesh that took a drain installed and over a month to go down. It about dislocated my shoulder. And that was the least of my injuries. It was a .40sw Taurus handgun copy of a Glock like cops use. Stolen out of the county. I'm almost there. I'm still in a wheelchair but doing ok considering I died on the way to shock trauma, lost 6 of the 10 units of blood in the human body, and had 16 hour marathon surgery to save me. I hold the record at shock trauma for surviving the most large caliber handgun rounds, according to my doctors. I'm a tough old bastard lol


etoilebrille OP t1_jacnsib wrote

Was it this?

I am definitely thankful that nothing happened to my husband. I’m still in a bit of shock but trying to work through it.


ObviousGazelle t1_jadjq88 wrote

YOU will have PTSD. So will he. There's no hiding from it. Work through it. My wife is going through it still and she wasn't with me thank God

And yes I posted the wrong link lol so sorry


maiios t1_jae2q0n wrote

I worked for BCDOT for the last three years. That site hasn't been used in about 5 or 6 years. I only got them to take it off the towing website last year. 🙄


coorzltz68 t1_jad7ek7 wrote

Holy shit! I’m so glad you are alive. So much suffering and trauma for a car.


OwnEqual8219 t1_jad5rm8 wrote

I’m so sorry this happened to your husband, but I’m relieved they didn’t seem to physically harm home. I was carjacked at gunpoint a few years ago and still deal with some PTSD from it. I recommend getting your husband and yourself into therapy as soon as possible, if you can.


Areolae-sippin t1_jacpyyf wrote

Where did this occur? The gun point and theft that is


etoilebrille OP t1_jacqz63 wrote

It occurred somewhere off of Loch Raven Blvd. Husband doesn’t remember the exact street he was on. He works for grub hub delivery in the evenings. The location where the phone pinged last was not far from Valentino’s (on northern parkway).

Edited to add: the location of the phone is in an apartment building. The police were able to track it down to the apt number but obviously cannot just barge in. They said they have someone waiting outside in case whoever has it, brings it outside.


Optimus_RE t1_jacwzbo wrote

For other delivery drivers can you please elaborate? Was he in the middle of an order and left his car running on delivery? Or was he at an intersection and told to get out? What happened so others can possibly avoid this situation?


etoilebrille OP t1_jacycfq wrote

For sure I can. For starters, the police think that this was all schemed from the start. Makes sense because how else with the robbers know the exact delivery spot he was at and get him so quickly?

He got an order to an apartment building and realized there was no apartment number. He was about to enter to building but someone stopped him (my guess is they were just waiting by the side in the shadows till my husband got close). That “someone” said he was the one who ordered and went to take the order. Husband went back to the car and as soon as he got in, a car pulled up behind him so he couldn’t get out of the parking spot. I asked him if there was any “red flags” about the order that would have made him suspicious and he said the only thing he thought was weird was that there was no apartment number. All his previous orders always had one.

Husband said that the same thing happened at that same location, just in an apartment building next to the one he was robbed at the night before. Then, right around the time his robbery happened, FOUR other similar carjackings happened. I was always so worried that this could happen to my husband as I kept hearing on the news that Uber ride robberies were on the rise. Please, please be careful.

Edited to add: my husband also works for Uber Eats. The incident happened when he was working for Uber Eats. Either way, neither of these companies make it easy or safe for their drivers.


Optimus_RE t1_jad7zus wrote

Jeeze that is so scary and one of the main reasons, honestly the only reason I don't run delivery in the city. I'm terrified of this exact situation and unfortunately don't trust running orders in the city. And if I did I would choose NE Baltimore like where you are, so it makes me even more hesitant. But I know others are more daring and willing to run the city orders so wanted to make sure others could see!

I know this can happen anywhere in the state so this story isn't just for Baltimore drivers, it's for everyone! If something feels off or doesn't feel right and your gut is telling you to leave, just leave.

I'm really sorry this happened to your husband. It's frustrating to me because he's out there trying to support you and the family and I've been in his situation running delivery. Best of luck, and you're in my thoughts.


etoilebrille OP t1_jae69wh wrote

I told my husband to not go down there ever. His shifts are in the evening and I feel like it’s just never safe at any time of day. But I know sometimes he is tempted to go down there bc even if the money is not any greater, there’s always more orders than our current area.

And I totally understand. I hate that this happens to people who are literally just trying to make some way of living. Thanks for the well wishes though.


StockNinja99 t1_jad4ow8 wrote

Best of luck, I hope the car thieves suffer greatly.


gervinho90 t1_jaei8gr wrote

Jesus this city is awful. Hope y’all find it.


CaptainObvious110 t1_jadm1at wrote

This is exactly why I avoid certain neighborhoods like the plague when I do my food deliveries. Granted, I'm on a bicycle not in a car but still I just don't have time for drama.

Sorry that happened to you and thanks for being so transparent about what happened. A lot of times things happen and we don't get information that could be useful to help someone avoid the same thing as best as they can.


etoilebrille OP t1_jae7jwj wrote

Oh, for sure. I honestly think the companies could care less when things like this happen bc all they care about are the ratings and profits. Had we heard things like this too, I would have just told him to avoid any area remotely close to the city. I’m sure there were many incidents already like this but it was all probably covered up. Smh. We just have to be vigilant and look out for each other I guess.


Exotic-Row6075 t1_jaeaf9e wrote

I’m just curious- what is the company supposed to do to prevent a carjacking?


zta1979 t1_jaevspp wrote

So sorry wow