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CaptainObvious110 t1_jadm1at wrote

This is exactly why I avoid certain neighborhoods like the plague when I do my food deliveries. Granted, I'm on a bicycle not in a car but still I just don't have time for drama.

Sorry that happened to you and thanks for being so transparent about what happened. A lot of times things happen and we don't get information that could be useful to help someone avoid the same thing as best as they can.


etoilebrille OP t1_jae7jwj wrote

Oh, for sure. I honestly think the companies could care less when things like this happen bc all they care about are the ratings and profits. Had we heard things like this too, I would have just told him to avoid any area remotely close to the city. I’m sure there were many incidents already like this but it was all probably covered up. Smh. We just have to be vigilant and look out for each other I guess.


Exotic-Row6075 t1_jaeaf9e wrote

I’m just curious- what is the company supposed to do to prevent a carjacking?