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PieceOfPie_SK t1_j9zidjy wrote

man has the audacity to send billions of our dollars to ukraine while there's so many homeless and impoverished people in our city. In the immortal words of Kamala Harris to desperate Latin americans seeking a better life, "Dont Come"


israeljeff t1_j9zkjnh wrote

You mean...he sent 5 percent of the Pentagon's already paid for budget to an ally and proved the "second best army in the world" is a paper tiger. Pretty good return.


Xanny t1_j9zl9fc wrote

Defund the military and build trains.


yerfondofmebiscuits t1_j9zls41 wrote

not just any trains i say! BULLET TRAINS!


JohnLocksTheKey t1_j9zm9ll wrote

SEE!! There goes the US’s obsession with supporting the military industrial complex again…


Xanny t1_j9zmhf3 wrote

put those rockets to good use, rocket trains


wbruce098 t1_ja1pqom wrote

They’re like trains… but with BULLETS!


israeljeff t1_j9zlfy4 wrote

...yes, that would be a good idea? I'm not sure why you think what I said and what you said are mutually exclusive.


app_priori t1_j9zldcr wrote

For a paper tiger though, the Russian Army has certainly proven that it is capable of plenty of death and destruction. Also they still have nukes, so we didn't intervene in the same way that we did when Saddam tried pulling off the same thing.


Inevitable_Sherbet42 t1_j9zmjlz wrote

You mean the billions worth of 40-30 year old equipment that your tax dollars were being spent to keep it in storage?

Just speaking as someone who lives in Irvington, but I'm ok with old Cold War and Post Cold War equipment being used to its purpose.


JohnLocksTheKey t1_j9zjwh1 wrote

How much do you think a full-blown war with Russia would cost?

”Something about an ounce of prevention…”


PieceOfPie_SK t1_j9zl1n6 wrote

Do you think the US's involvement in Ukraine is somehow getting us FURTHER away from war with Russia? What kinda braindead take is that.


JohnLocksTheKey t1_j9zlubu wrote

One doesn’t need to look too far back in world history to see how well Appeasement politics work…


PieceOfPie_SK t1_j9zm86r wrote

if you really think Russia is like Nazi Germany youre tripping.


JohnLocksTheKey t1_j9zmlpw wrote

Merely pointing out how historical precedent guides current policy


addctd2badideas t1_j9zpgro wrote

In terms of severity and extreme ethno-centric ideology? No, not as bad. Willing to slaughter millions of innocent people in a genocide? No, not quite there either.

In terms of belligerance against other nations to prop up their own authoritarian regime while committing loads of war crimes? Yeah, kind of on par. And that matters.

Your ideology is stupid and regressive.


PieceOfPie_SK t1_j9zpryh wrote

Crazy that the ukrainians are all the ones with Nazi tattoos, fascist slogans, idolizing literal nazi collaborators. but go off king


[deleted] t1_j9zw7yb wrote



PieceOfPie_SK t1_ja00r6o wrote

I have 0 love for the Russian Federation or Putin.


moderndukes t1_ja3tigi wrote

Weird from all the Putin propaganda you’re spewing


PieceOfPie_SK t1_ja3x6cu wrote

Yeah, you're in full War propaganda mode so anyone who pushes back you think is your enemy.


addctd2badideas t1_j9zzxyi wrote

Hey Vlad... or would you prefer Mr. Putin? Anyways, nice to catch up with you but it'd be really great if you could provide actual proof that the Ukranians... who ELECTED A FUCKING JEWISH COMEDIAN AS PRESIDENT... are actually Nazis.


PieceOfPie_SK t1_ja00nev wrote

Oh yes, and we elected a black president, so we have no racism in America.


DirtyPolecat t1_ja0b5sm wrote

There it is.


PieceOfPie_SK t1_ja0dktt wrote

I certainly don't mean to disparage all Ukrainians, that's not my goal. But Nazis are a proud part of the ukrainian government and military and they openly glorify nazi collaborators. There are hundreds and hundreds of images of Ukrainians soldiers with nazi tattoos, doing the nazi salute, etc. The entire world openly reported on this for years but now that the Russians use that as a justification for their invasion, everybody in the west is trying to pretend that the whole thing never happened.


Somali_Pir8 t1_ja0gm6o wrote

Russia Warship Go Fuck Yourself


PieceOfPie_SK t1_ja0jo8b wrote

this is why our country will never not be at war. because clowns like you believe everyone who opposes the war is actually an enemy agent


addctd2badideas t1_ja0w0l9 wrote

If your reason for opposing the war and claims about them being Nazis were cogent and supported by facts then we could have a conversation.

As it stands, you haven't been cogent or factual.


PieceOfPie_SK t1_ja0xd49 wrote

how about you just fucking google it, there's hundreds of articles from respected journals writing about this issue from WELL before the war started. Ukraine was bombing its own citizens for years and years.


addctd2badideas t1_ja10c1g wrote

LOL why are you so salty if you're not going to provide your source? Oh that's right, you're Russkie garbage. Das Vadanya motherfucker.


PieceOfPie_SK t1_ja2ut2j wrote

It's just annoying that you pretend that I'm making some outrageous claim when it's SUPER well documented. I'm not Russian, I'm an American citizen who OPPOSES WAR. I want our country to focus on our people and not creating and exacerbating conflict all over the planet like it's been doing my entire lifetime.


addctd2badideas t1_ja36hxu wrote

So Ukraine has some neo-Nazis.

So does Russia.

So does the United States. Like a lot.

But that was entirely a Putin excuse. He wanted a sattelite state he could manipulate for his own benefit and keep them out of NATO..

You're not fooling anyone with your poorly made collage.


PieceOfPie_SK t1_ja3hx65 wrote

Ok but you don't see the difference between the neo-nazis that are openly embedded in the military and government, and neonazis that exist on the fringes of society?


therealbrolinpowell t1_ja0okn1 wrote

So nice of you to overlook the existence of the Wagner Group. Yep, totally no Nazis in Russia. Those non-existent Nazis totally aren't recruiting literal rapists and murderers and giving them military training, whom are getting direct pardons from Putin for their service.

Do you actually think, or are you just spewing out the words that Daddy Putin whispered to you while you were busy gargling on his balls?

Get your shit takes out of here, you fucking tanky-assed Nazbol.


rvhack t1_j9zltzb wrote

I do think supporting Ukraine is the right thing to do from a moral and geopolitical perspective. That said, it's being very willing to open the coffers of the United States for a foreign country, while the nation itself suffers that is the slap in the face.

If we can support Ukraine, we can support the working people of America too, who are our foundation and future.


Thanatosst t1_ja2sc13 wrote

>Send over old equipment that's just sitting in a warehouse collecting dust

>That old equipment has shown that the Russian military cannot force project more than a few dozen miles from their domestic rail system

>The war has clearly proven that the Russian military capabilities it claimed only existed on paper and that Russia has no ability to fight a war against someone not literally next door to them

>The war has depleted whatever limited equipment Russia has been able to produce/hold onto since WWII

Yeah man. Clearly this is all bringing us closer to war with Russia. They're obviously just biding their time and withholding soldiers and equipment just in case they decide to go full send and try to take on all of NATO directly. It couldn't possibly be true that the war is crippling Russia more and more by the day, draining the male population that hasn't already fled, and it obviously hasn't depleted what few stockpiles of military equipment they had.

If Russia decided to directly attack the US or another NATO country, Article 5 would be invoked and then the Russian military would be functionally nonexistent in a couple of weeks.


LeetSawse t1_ja0zp1v wrote

Wait so are you for big government helping our city or small government letting us live our life?