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israeljeff t1_j9zkjnh wrote

You mean...he sent 5 percent of the Pentagon's already paid for budget to an ally and proved the "second best army in the world" is a paper tiger. Pretty good return.


Xanny t1_j9zl9fc wrote

Defund the military and build trains.


yerfondofmebiscuits t1_j9zls41 wrote

not just any trains i say! BULLET TRAINS!


JohnLocksTheKey t1_j9zm9ll wrote

SEE!! There goes the US’s obsession with supporting the military industrial complex again…


Xanny t1_j9zmhf3 wrote

put those rockets to good use, rocket trains


wbruce098 t1_ja1pqom wrote

They’re like trains… but with BULLETS!


israeljeff t1_j9zlfy4 wrote

...yes, that would be a good idea? I'm not sure why you think what I said and what you said are mutually exclusive.


app_priori t1_j9zldcr wrote

For a paper tiger though, the Russian Army has certainly proven that it is capable of plenty of death and destruction. Also they still have nukes, so we didn't intervene in the same way that we did when Saddam tried pulling off the same thing.