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under_zealouss t1_ja8yhrb wrote

Baltimore tattoo convention April 21. Best way to see the work of a hundred tattoo artists and find a shop that will do exactly what you want.


saviefav OP t1_ja94ac4 wrote

It's on my calendar! Thanks for the tip!


inmyfeelings2020 t1_ja8vuwb wrote

Biker tattoos? You mean American traditional? The more simple line tattoos have become very popular over the past few years. Most artists can do simple line work. Here's a hipster shop that'll know what you want.


[deleted] t1_ja8wno9 wrote



inmyfeelings2020 t1_ja8x44h wrote

Good question for the owners. I know their social media has plenty.


Acceptable-Mountain t1_ja929e9 wrote

Check out Have Fun Be Lucky, Lovestruck, Stay Humble, Dark Arts Tattoo Studio...but I mean lots of places/artists can do fine line simple tattoos like the ones at the shop you referenced.


Inevitable-M t1_jado7nt wrote

came to say have fun be lucky, I got a piece from Anastasia and I LOVE her work


mammatbone t1_jaaf363 wrote

Came to say these places, look them up on insta and search all their artists to find the style you’re looking for.


benignlystained t1_ja92hn4 wrote

Vouching for the other comment that recommended the Baltimore Tattoo Convention. Great way to network with local artists (as well as regional and national ones) and find an artist that can do the style you're looking for.


InkedVeggie t1_ja97h9q wrote

Baltimore/Maryland has a lot of very talented tattoo artist. You just have to know what style you are looking for.

The tattoo convention is a start, I have found some artists through this forum or just Google searching and looking at portfolios.


ObviousGazelle t1_ja9s2t0 wrote

Check my recommendations out in my other post. Justin usually attends the convention.


superdreamcast64 t1_ja97zsx wrote

Fruit Camp!


sjjan103 t1_jaailgq wrote

I second fruit camp! Many amazing artists there and I’ve always had wonderful experiences getting tattooed there


PitchFormal921 t1_ja9c4fo wrote

Get on IG and search through hashtags like #Baltimoretattoo or #bmoretattoo

Dozens of local artists can work outside their usual style and many in specialize what youre asking for


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_ja9koi6 wrote

You can always go into shops are look at portfolios and ask about their work.


OwsleysApples t1_ja9pxns wrote

Chapterhouse for sure, there are also some really talented artists in Bel Air but they can be hard to get in with.


ObviousGazelle t1_ja9rvo5 wrote

The two absolute best tattoo artists in MD are on Facebook. Look for Justin Holcombe in the northeast corner of MD, or Ashley Cooksey in southern MD.

Justin Holcombe might be the best portrait artist in the US. Possibly the world and he's relatively cheap and easy to work with but works only limitedly now. I'll attempt to post links... Remove the extra dots ...



NikkiRocker t1_ja9b5ct wrote

The tattoo museum in Fells.