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llamalobster OP t1_j95yr5j wrote

Also very sorry I spelled y'all incorrectly....please don't deport me from the state 🥺 Your girl loves Old Bay and driving poorly I don't think anywhere else would take me.


codyvir t1_j960119 wrote

I think we can let this one go. 😂


stevolutionary7 t1_j966i4j wrote

Murlanders are loose with pronunciation as it is, I doubt anyone will care about your spelling.


6th_Lord_Baltimore t1_j98jwkb wrote

We say y'all in MD?


llamalobster OP t1_j98odcs wrote

I'm from the eastern shore originally and we definitely say y'all over there.


socaTsocaTsocaT t1_j95s0y5 wrote

Shits crazy. I miss having blizzards. Maybe we'll have a cooler summer?


skeenek t1_j95zu24 wrote

Nope, hotter summer too. Welcome to New Earth.


AmbitionOfPhilipJFry t1_j9618op wrote

It's just 3 degrees! /S

Yeah, remember when you were in high school and you had the near the end of the year grades? How hard is it to move that GPA 3 points after a tests, quizzes, n exams? You can get get 5x 100s in a row and it'll be .02 higher. If you have a large dataset, say over hundreds of years with thousands of data points, you need wild high numbers off the average to move it by 3.

Scientists really fucked up describing that key phenomenon to the public at large.


jondiced t1_j970a29 wrote

Scientists didn't mess up as much as the active disinformation campaign from fossil fuel companies succeeded.


D3Seeker t1_j976s0l wrote

Seriously probably cry climate change when it doesn't snow in the Sahara......


treskaz t1_j95xm99 wrote

Me too. We used to get good snows regularly when i was a kid


mattyboy22 t1_j997eda wrote

I'm gonna go with the crazy and get out my motorcycle .


prodrvr22 t1_j96dv8t wrote

I'm happy about not having blizzards. As someone who drives for a living, snow sucks.


Guts_And_Black_Stuff t1_j95yifr wrote

Gonna be really nice in a "Yup, we've fucked up the climate" kind of way.


stevolutionary7 t1_j96663b wrote

Could be worse. We could be in California- no water and fires and the too much water and landslides.

Could also get worse so ima shut up.


Millennialcel t1_j978n58 wrote

California's problems are population growth and forest fire prevention to protect population growth.


daedelous t1_j95wxcj wrote

DC cherry blossoms are already starting to bloom. Not good.


NoImpact3813 t1_j9a2ri0 wrote

Some of the cherry blossoms downtown are blooming already too


BMoreGirly t1_j96spry wrote

30° swing in one day. Yeah that's going to trigger a migraine. 😫


Vogon_poetry_42 t1_j9962mb wrote

Came here to say this exact thing. I moved here bc it’s better than Michigan but not by much this week lol


safrax t1_j98hftl wrote

Living in San Angelo, TX for 2 years, 30* swings in a day? Meh. 40-60* were normal.


edwardtrousers t1_j96n39y wrote

If you asked me which month this was just based on this picture, could be anything from October to May


systemidx t1_j96ttjm wrote


You have no idea the physical toll a Maryland spring has on a person’s sinuses!


ironwatchdog t1_j95v4pk wrote

When I was young I remember someone saying if you don’t like the weather in Maryland, wait five minutes or drive five miles. So far that’s been pretty true. 🤣


JBSanderson t1_j95xq9c wrote

Why do people think that's a unique thing here? Every other temperate climate I've lived in, the locals say the same thing.

Baltimore is in a temperate climate and we're transitioning from winter to spring right now. Some days will be warm, some will be cold.


thermoscap t1_j95z21t wrote

Yeah, everyone everywhere says that lol. I think the only place that it's really true is a high altitude mountainous area.


ironwatchdog t1_j95yhb3 wrote

You said that you’ve lived other places so it could be that plenty of people here haven’t lived anywhere else to know if it’s unique or not.


mastodfow t1_j96e9hc wrote

It drives me bananas. I’m in a few FB groups for different locations I’ve lived and they all post these stupid memes: “Only in [insert any location in a mid-latitude]!” Eye roll.


Unfair-Rip9168 t1_j971h4k wrote

There’s other factors that make weather in Baltimore extremely unstable. The fact that we are on a peninsula mostly surrounded by the Chesapeake bay for starters


JBSanderson t1_j979bek wrote

The bay effect moderates temperature swings for the most part. The weather is not abnormally variable here, it's just temperate.


Unfair-Rip9168 t1_j98ympe wrote

But the constant temp of the bay causes high winds and storms as fronts move through.


Rob-needs-a-Job t1_j96pvb1 wrote

They're just pulling numbers out of a hat now.


Huge_World_3125 t1_j95xg9i wrote

at this point i can't decide if i should put on the summer wheels or not


z3mcs t1_j95smr3 wrote

I was looking at this this morning too, and then looked up high temps for feb 23rd. It seems like hitting the mid 70s Feb 20-23rd happens an awful lot.

I also dont think that snow forecast for Saturday will last past Monday.


Unfair-Rip9168 t1_j971a14 wrote

Yea it’s been trending down. Maryland (and Baltimore specifically) weather is crazy, seriously right on the edge of most frontal boundaries AND on a little peninsula on a large body of water that helps to moderate temps. Never a dull moment here


Interesting-Ant-2524 t1_j96sils wrote

Be careful what you wish for. We still have Mar to get through in like a lion out like a lamb. Remember when it comes in like a lamb it’s gonna go out like a lion.


Emeraldskeleton t1_j981mag wrote

So your cities weather report just randomly popped up in my feed, and oh my God, wow, is that normal?


llamalobster OP t1_j981xd0 wrote

No this is not normal, I posted it because this is pretty abnormal for us...our weather in Maryland is prone to fluctuate a lot but usually not this much and not this early...February historically is still pretty cold consistently with an occasional 60 day degree day once or twice in the month.


CompetitiveAd1529 t1_j98ayg4 wrote

When was the last time a body of water actually froze over around here? I know it used to. The Potomac would ice over almost yearly......perhaps not thick enough to land an Air Florida passenger jet, but still frozen for the most part.


Ok-Beautiful-8403 t1_j9624ud wrote

Does anyone ever go premium for the weather channels?


Humble_Libra t1_j96b9ca wrote

Absolutely fucking ridiculous SMH.....This winter was depressing and so disappointing! I seriously need to move somewhere where it's consistently cold and snows quite a lot!!!! I'm not looking forward to warm weather and can't stand it!!!! UGH!!!!


Repulsive-Tennis-439 t1_j982i6q wrote

Just wait til the melting caps desalinate the oceans a bit more and the Gulf Stream stops- it will get plenty cold súper fast then. 🤣


weahman t1_j9a2foc wrote

First time in Maryland? Welcome to February! Frecking Perring Parkway Paul at it again.


BJJBean t1_j96jmjd wrote

As a guy who hates cold weather and snow, I'm quite enjoying this whole "Global climate destruction thing." Hopefully it doesn't hit the fan till after I am dead.


Huge-Cup-3520 t1_j96ibnf wrote

fuck no dummy we gotta go somewhere else for this bullshit


Millennialcel t1_j9797rr wrote

Weather variability doesn't mean climate change. These aren't breaking records.