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gaiusjuliusweezer t1_j7oizyi wrote

All the more reason to have separate facilities from drivers and pedestrians!


Kooky_Deal9566 t1_j7ph34m wrote

How? I nearly got hit by three cars making left turns during my morning commute. I was in a protected bike lane and had the green light each time.

Drivers that don’t pay attention are a pain in the ass and a major safety hazard.


Substance-Possible t1_j7pyc4p wrote

Yep, cars are the actual danger. People act like anyone who rides a bike has to account for every annoying thing any other biker has ever done, yet just shrug their shoulders when faced with any of the egregious things car drivers do all the time.


BmoreCityDOT OP t1_j7rkzvk wrote

Bicycle lanes are not just for bicycles.

In addition to making things safer for pedestrians, they also are used by mobility chairs. They're used by people on scooters. They're used by people in wheelchairs. They're used for jogging. They're used by busses and emergency vehicles.

They are a huge benefit to everyone in this city.