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Dontaskmeaboutnam t1_jaauuja wrote

More handouts for the billionaire owned Stronach Group are surely the answer


S-Kunst t1_jabyzfb wrote

Horse racing is a sport which has died. We need to stop pumping money in it. So many other great traditions have died, with out the same loss of valuable and scarce funding. The biggest use of horses, in MD are for riding schools. I would prefer the money go to establish intro riding schools for city school outings to get the kids on horses and ponies, than a race track.


theyoungbloody t1_jaccqh3 wrote $500 Mil just for racing, and $1.3 Bil. Plus 5 years of inflation, sounds like it isnt dead.


Dontaskmeaboutnam t1_jacq87k wrote

>The 2018 Economic Impact Study produced by the American Horse Council

Industry Group reports that Industry is good. Asks for further state subsidies. Politicians agree.


theyoungbloody t1_jacw67i wrote

I get it's an industry reported figure and they have reason to inflate things (using numbers reported to the government), but we are also comparing it to that one Redditor's opinion.

It's not an exact comparison, but until we get actual reported numbers and facts from a neutral source like a state agency, what else are we supposed to go off of?


Dontaskmeaboutnam t1_jacy31h wrote

Off the idea that horseracing and major commercial sports in general is fucking stupid and a piss poor waste of taxpayer dollars.

If the Stronach thinks it’s a good business idea to race the ponies the Stronach group should do that. But the state shouldn’t subsidize them. Ditto with all other sportsball companies.


theyoungbloody t1_jacz383 wrote

I'm not arguing you with that. Just that horse racing is still a major economic contribution to our states economy


PleaseBmoreCharming t1_jaek3us wrote

Why not both uses?? Why are you thinking of things as mutually exclusive?

Plus, the Pimlico site was supposed to be used for recreational activities and events and only have racing once a year (Preakness). I think your suggestions are already closer than you realize.


kermelie t1_jaaxdzy wrote

Laurel park has great land value. Would be great homeownership candidate.


baltosteve t1_jadwqlq wrote

Laurel should become a TOD. Create mixed use facility at Old Hilltop for year round horse racing, offices, and community use.