Submitted by Avocadofarmer32 t3_1177cbr in baltimore

Be careful out there folks. I was minding my business driving to work today and the car in front of me was having some type of episode. He started screaming and then pulled out a handgun waving it around before pointing it directly at me through the back window. He continued to follow and put his flashers on trying to get me to pull next to him. The police described this as road rage but the car and I never interacted at all before the gun. Just an FYI that you never know who has a gun ..

All info given to police. Older model Mercedes sedan. Male driver. Maroon color.



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Avocadofarmer32 OP t1_j9aogjv wrote

Sorry for the bad photo! My hand was a shaky mess. Luckily I was able to get his license plate & give to the cops. They put a bolo but I’d say there’s a snowballs chance in hell that anything will be done.


maudlinmary t1_j9aoyle wrote

I’m sorry this happened to you!! That’s on my morning commute route and people are absolutely nuts heading out of the city. I thought I’d seen it all, but not this. Take some time to be kind to yourself and emotionally recover today, that’s really scary. :(


Avocadofarmer32 OP t1_j9apghx wrote

Thank you ❤️ you too! It’s a holiday and there was no traffic today. You’d think people would have been less grouchy, but nope.


RevolutionaryIce7240 t1_j9b676d wrote

To give you some hope, a similar scenario happened to a friend of mine but he got out & went up to her car with the gun… they caught the guy but she’s in PG.


Avocadofarmer32 OP t1_j9b9br4 wrote

That is terrifying!! I’m so happy this pos stayed in his car.


Yo_WhoNeeds2Know t1_j9dmobh wrote

Was just talking about something similar that I saw happen on 301 in PGC. Sitting in slow moving traffic, saw a dude pull to the shoulder, go to his trunk, pull out a shotgun and start walking backwards in traffic. Wasn’t trying to stick around to find out how it went.


baltimorecalling t1_j9c57zy wrote

I can't imagine being a good photographer in that moment. Glad you're not hurt.


Gallen570 t1_j9bw2i9 wrote

We all known the cops don't care.

Sorry this happened to you and you're ok.


Cunninghams_right t1_j9biq2w wrote

remember when candidate-Scott promised more license plate scanners so that we could catch carjackers, shooters, etc.? pepperidge farm remembers....


bmore t1_j9bklos wrote

They did equip far more city vehicles with them. Getting BPD to do anything with that information is another matter.


Killbot_Wants_Hug t1_j9rli41 wrote

Yeah, I think a lot of Baltimore's crime problem come from lack of police enforcement.

A guy I knew had his OneWheel taken at gun point. He contacted the police but they basically did nothing. One of the girls in our group did a bunch of research, finds the guy selling it on Facebook market place, gets his name and his address, finds the crime camera that would have video of it. They get the footage from the police with this info, it's apparently all recorded.

The guy has warrants for shooting someone. So now they have video taped evidence, a witness, they already knew his address, they even have contact information and a reason to get him to meet up.

They never arrest him.

When my motorcycle was stolen the cop didn't file the police report for like 3 months (which delays insurance payout), and even when he did he never had the vin added to the stolen vehicle registry. So even if someone got caught with the bike they wouldn't know it was stolen.

Police in Baltimore don't do their jobs. And these aren't even the only stories I know about of Baltimore cops just not doing what they're supposed to.


Cunninghams_right t1_j9h29b2 wrote

how many city vehicles? which city vehicles? are the city vehicles patrolling a set pattern? putting them on city vehicles is great for finding abandoned stolen vehicles, but you need a defined pattern in order to catch someone like shown above.

but I agree that is only one piece of the puzzle, you also have to get the police to take action.


HumanGyroscope t1_j9ahtjh wrote

People that do shit like this should lose their license indefinitely.


Affectionate-Cook-11 t1_j9ajo7u wrote

he definitely did not have a permit to carry


billydrivesavic t1_j9c5m5f wrote

It’s so tedious to have a permit to conceal carry in Maryland. I know someone that was shot and was able to get his after but only for like a year. It’s crazy


Affectionate-Cook-11 t1_j9c5t80 wrote

It’s different now . What I’m saying is traditionally people who qualify for the wear and carry permit are not brazen with their firearms like this


billydrivesavic t1_j9c855q wrote

Oh yeah lol that’s basically a law of the universe

Responsible gun owners are, responsible


Affectionate-Cook-11 t1_j9c8thj wrote

Passing Maryland’s qualifications for obtaining a wear and carry permit demonstrates you are a responsible person who has never been on the wrong side of the law. Maryland is not just handing these things out.These are not the people recklessly brandishing a firearm on 83. They are not carrying weapons to intimidate they are carrying because they realize they are responsible for their own safety.


Avocadofarmer32 OP t1_j9aiznr wrote

Stupid question lol but do you think he would have actually shot me? I know he had major issues and was just trying to act tough and I was taking no chances but still?


Animanialmanac t1_j9akuk7 wrote

Yes, I’m a practicing physical therapist in the city. Most of my patients now are victims of random violence. Years ago I saw many sports injuries and vehicle accidents, now my roster is primarily shooting victims. They weren’t dealing drugs or in the game as people call it. They were minding their own business walking to or from work or riding the bus, or driving in the city when a random interaction escalated fast to violence. Most say they don’t know what happened or what they could do differently to avoid it in the future. I focus on Medicaid and medical assistance hmo patients because that’s the greatest need in the city but these incidents happen to people of all walks of life. Please be careful and avoid anything that might become confrontational.


[deleted] t1_j9ax1um wrote



Tahh t1_j9b5k8r wrote

To right wing gun fanatics, the lives of hundreds of children and even more adults are just a necessary and unavoidable tax we have to pay in order to be "free." It's sickening.


Nelson_Gremdella t1_j9d8qtx wrote

Just out of interest, what do “right wing gun fanatics” have to do with OP having a gun pulled on her while she’s driving to work?


Gov_Martin_OweMalley t1_j9eup8d wrote

Nothing, this is just a case of someone regurgitating the same script day after day. No deviations, no critical thinking.


Avocadofarmer32 OP t1_j9aoppe wrote

Thank you for what you do! Yeah I try not to engage anyone. This was def a wake up call for when I’m feeling road ragey myself that there’s always someone out there crazier.


TheBananaStan t1_j9b3tef wrote

Someone followed me home after i got a little road ragey about 5 years ago. I drove around random neighborhoods and back into a neighborhood that I hoped they wouldn’t want to be in until they let me go. But that was a wake up call and since then I’ve constantly reminded myself that it simply ain’t worth it.

Sorry to hear what happened to you, I am glad you are safe!


phasexero t1_j9aqry3 wrote

You guys in PT are miracle workers. Thank you for what you do, and especially your crew for your focus on people who really need help but too often have a hard time finding help.


aishel t1_j9c88y8 wrote

I do home health OT in the city and county. My company has a specific 'no weapons in the home' policy, which while I understand, given the climate of the last few years, I believe is outdated. Not because I'm afraid of the patients, but because of the crazy people on the streets without any regard for life. Every colleague I know carries pepper spray with them at minimum, but up against a gun, I don't think it's enough.


HumanGyroscope t1_j9ajun5 wrote

Yes. Life is cheap in this City.


Dr_Midnight t1_j9atrn7 wrote

> Life is cheap in this City. country.

Unfortunately, fixed that for you.

Edit: The sound of children screaming has been removed.


TheSpektrModule t1_j9ay5hk wrote

Life is a lot cheaper in Baltimore.

Baltimore is one of the most murderous cities in the world, surpassing even such well known crime-ridden shitholes as Kingston, Johannesburg and Port Moresby. Pretending that our violence issues are an overall US issue is dishonest in the extreme.


Dr_Midnight t1_j9aykhe wrote

Thanks. I really needed you to explain to me that the city has an exceptionally high homicide rate hate on a per capita basis relative to its population - particularly when compared to the rest of the country. I never knew this before today in spite of all the years I've lived here and having seen it myself. You really opened my eyes there.

Now, are you done being disingenuous and pretending that the USA is not an outlier in the world when it comes to gun violence in first world nations?

Side note:

> Baltimore is one of the most murderous cities in the world, surpassing even such well known shitholes as Kingston, Johannesburg and Port Moresby.

Could your dogwhistle be any fucking louder first thing on a damn Monday?


OldBayOnEverything t1_j9b0utd wrote

Now sort by country and you'll see it absolutely is an overall US problem. Baltimore may be one of the worst in the country but if we're talking shitholes, the US would qualify when put up against comparable countries.


evange11037 t1_j9ayiz6 wrote

When I was a kid (5-6, and not in Bmore, but we all know this garbage can happen anywhere unfortunately), a classmate's father got shot in the head from a roadrager out of nowhere when he pulled up beside them. They had no other interaction beyond "this guy is pissed about something, has a gun, and will make it someone else's problem". I'm so glad you are safe.


CrabEnthusist t1_j9b3zl3 wrote

I mean, he didn't shoot you. Is there a world where he might have if you had behaved differently, like tried to pull a gun of your own? It's possible, but it's also not really worth speculating about a counterfactual. Glad you're safe man.


TheSpektrModule t1_j9ax90n wrote

People that do shit like that should get multiple years in prison for threatening someone with a gun. Also, the gun in question was almost certainly illegal for him to carry.


bravoitaliano t1_j9aq0jv wrote

Brandishing a weapon in public is not defined in Maryland code, but assaulting someone with a weapon is a felony. They should definitely go to jail for this.


Terpsfan007 t1_j9avvli wrote

Brandishing a firearm during a road rage incident would likely be classified as an intent to frighten assault under the law. The brandishing language is actually included under jury instructions for the crime of using a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence so this scenario would apply to that as well.


PhonyUsername t1_j9bbw5g wrote

Or be protected for self defense. Depends on details unknown.


baltimorecalling t1_j9ady1p wrote

That's unsettling


YoYoMoMa t1_j9eyona wrote

So cool to live in a country where this guy gets to have a gun.


Killbot_Wants_Hug t1_j9rkp3r wrote

I use to live in the south and twice in one year people were shot during road rage incidents... With crossbows.

So it's not just a gun issue, it's a crazy people issue.


Gr8ingPresence t1_j9amsa2 wrote

My guess would be that, in his mind, at a recent intersection, you did him wrong, and you're going to pay.

In my experience in the city, the most aggressive, adamant, vocal drivers are those with no actual clues about the rules of the road or traffic laws. Ironically, they view themselves as authorities on the topic. The guy you're going to meet in this situation is someone who just made a right turn from the left lane, across 4 lanes of traffic.


Cunninghams_right t1_j9bjkqv wrote

yeah, I had someone get out of their car to yell at me for crossing in crosswalk with a "walk" light illuminated. they genuinely thought that traffic turning left always had the right of way over pedestrians, and it upset them so much that they were wrong that they felt it necessary to stop, get out, and yell at me.

people think other places have bad drivers because they see aggressive driving as bad driving. I have to explain to people that Baltimore is on a whole other level of bad driving where it is aggressive, impatient, crazy, AND incredibly unskilled.


Timid_Teacher t1_j9d8bih wrote

Yeah, if I see a car looking like it's not stopping and I have a walk signal, I let them go. It's not worth losing my life over someone exhibiting dangerous behaviors.


Cunninghams_right t1_j9dklom wrote

for sure, I didn't even notice they were trying to turn across me until it was too late. I have an inclination to tell people when they're wrong, but I'm not trying to get shot so I usually just avoid problems.


shaneknu t1_j9b2h94 wrote

The Dunning-Kruger Effect is real, for sure.


mockingjay137 t1_j9c46km wrote

God I actually witnessed that last example you gave just the other day, stopped at a red light going west on Northern Parkway where the entrances to Gilman and Bryn Mawr are. Some idiot flew up the left turn lane and crossed all 3 lanes of traffic (again, still red, pretty sure the eastbound lanes had a green which meant the left turn lane over there had a green arrow) to turn right into Bryn Mawr. Definitely saved that clip off my dash cam lol but idk if I can make out the plates from it, nor do I think BPD would do anything about it anyways


epicwinguy101 t1_j9al9ec wrote

This is pretty harrowing. I'm really sorry to hear that OP. Hopefully you got the plate number because BCPD don't take things seriously without it, sadly.

I hope you spend the time to get some therapy and heal, having a gun pointed at you for no reason can cause trauma issues to pop up later if you don't take it seriously now, no joke.


TheSpektrModule t1_j9ax4m0 wrote


It's BPD. BCPD is Baltimore County Police.


Velghast t1_j9aybx6 wrote

It happened on the interstate so I believe this is still county territory and Maryland state trooper territory. Baltimore City handles everything once you get off 95 and 695.


Avocadofarmer32 OP t1_j9bas9y wrote

They had zero idea where I was or who was handling it. I called and said I was in front of the stadium from 395 getting onto 95 south towards dc and they said oh that’s golden ring barracks because I passed the exit for Towson .I said I am literally nowhere near golden ring. Then the state troopers called me and said they’d put out bolo but they don’t handle it , it’s the Baltimore city something or another and I have to call another number 🤯


witty_usrnm_goeshere t1_j9b40y9 wrote

That's one of the two tunnels - it's City but MDTA.


epicwinguy101 t1_j9b6pl5 wrote

Ah I didn't realize MDTA handled enforcement stuff in (and presumably by?) the tunnels.


witty_usrnm_goeshere t1_j9out73 wrote

Tunnels and bridges. I don't know how far away they have primary jurisdiction but I've seen em as far out as Hollins Ferry exit on the south side of the beltway.


Keyb0ard0perat0r t1_j9avt1j wrote

They don’t take it seriously with it either. gave them one and they still decided it wasn’t worth pursuing.


Cunninghams_right t1_j9bj3mu wrote

reminder to everyone to get a dashcam. nobody should be driving in this city without one

also, get a tile or an airtag with the speaker removed. they cost like $20 and you will be able to track your car for 1+ years on a single battery, and the Tile Pro has a replaceable battery, anywhere it goes in case it is stolen. no subscription, nobody else can track it.


Avocadofarmer32 OP t1_j9bjm5a wrote

Thank you! Will look into these!


Cunninghams_right t1_j9bk4p1 wrote

I use a Tile. I hide it in my car where nobody would find it. I also keep one on my keys, one in my bag when I travel. knowing where your stuff is is fantastic.


AffectionateDevice t1_j9dhgh4 wrote

I did this too. Oddly enough, people in my partner’s neighborhood got notifications it was following them home. I only found out because they were playing the sound trying to figure out where it was!


Huge_World_3125 t1_j9aodkw wrote

the other day someone brake checked me aggressively several times. i wasn't following closely and had literally just gotten behind them from a merge. no idea what pissed them off.


pocketfulofcharm t1_j9awbpn wrote

I think the people that do this are hoping you’ll hit them. It’s happened to me a few times (also not following closely), usually on 695. It’s ridiculous what people try to pull!


Huge_World_3125 t1_j9aymxt wrote

yeah that makes sense, it was on 695. i was just so surprised at how they decided to pick me as the person to brake check, i had only just gotten behind them. it was finally the deciding event that got me to get a dashcam.


lolokaydudewhatever t1_j9ar6qv wrote

If this was a legal firearms owner, he should be arrested, charged and his ccw should be revoked immediately and permanently.

If this firearm was owned illegally, Baltimore needs to bump up the sentencing for illegal firearms ownership. It should be no surprise our gun crimes are as high as they are, when illegal gun ownership is treated as a misdemeanor


shaneknu t1_j9b2w6h wrote

It doesn't matter how long the sentence is, if charges are never brought in the first place.


[deleted] t1_j9axi7g wrote



biveganstoner t1_j9ay6y7 wrote

Especially considering it’s much, much harder to get one here than other states.


Cunninghams_right t1_j9bjt59 wrote

the problem is that we have an incredibly low rate of actually catching such people. Scott's crime plan called for a lot more license plate scanners so this bullshit could be shut down, but Scott as been a complete failure so far.


Gov_Martin_OweMalley t1_j9ev39b wrote

> It should be no surprise our gun crimes are as high as they are, when illegal gun ownership is treated as a misdemeanor

This right here is the issue. The state will gladly pass a new anti gun law every year but turn around and let violent people back out on the street with little more than a slap on the wrist. Is it any wonder that so many incidents involve people known to police and with long rap sheets?


RevRagnarok t1_j9bifyz wrote

> If this was a legal firearms owner

Fuckin' hilarious. This is the People's Republic of Maryland.


fireanthead t1_j9bi74n wrote

This exact reason is why I do not honk at anyone while driving in Baltimore city. Distracted at the green light and haven’t moved? Well partner we’re gonna ride this next light cycle out together. Leisurely walking in the middle of the street? Do you my friend, the sidewalk is for decoration anyway


TheBigIguana15 t1_j9arlbt wrote

It's probably best to assume everyone has a gun


TrhwWaya t1_j9bkvqn wrote

Looks like Conway street you are driving down.

All of that area is recorded, pm me location plz.

Possible I can connect you with police Downtown that can pull tapes....meaning they can and will follow up.


paddlebawler t1_j9apiuf wrote

I commute to DC three times a week and I've never seen aggressive driving on the way, even with the crazy merging and traffic, it's so weird, even on 495 and GW Parkway. Now driving in and out of Baltimore, I've seen one or two guns waved around.


YorickTheCat t1_j9bh960 wrote

You're lucky! I drive to NoVA twice a week. I've seen some really aggressive drivers (weaving, speeding, tailgating). No guns fortunately, but I still breath a sigh of relief when I get to the office in one piece. I go in really early and with less cars on the road, it's speed racer central some days. edit: And not lucky about seeing guns waved around, yikes!


stelkurtainTM t1_j9ddjeu wrote

Damn really? I'm about to officially move in with my girl in Baltimore and commute out of the city 40+ minutes. I've done the drive plenty in the morning but never seen anything crazy at all.


Triscott64 t1_j9df6g8 wrote

I've never seen such aggressive drivers as in DMV. I've lived all over the US and DC and Maryland especially the drivers are soooo aggressive.


moderndukes t1_j9h2f8p wrote

The Northeast in general has relatively aggressive driving, I wouldn’t say it’s just Baltimore-Washington. Pretty much every stereotype of Jersey drivers or Massholes can be assigned to us all.

That being said, the fact that Baltimore-Washington has so many non-native drivers (both to the region and country) means you see a lot of varying ideas of what the “right” way to drive is. That’s obviously bound to cause issues.


Triscott64 t1_j9hkeg6 wrote

I completely agree. I should have noted that this is the first time I've lived specifically in this region. The mix of driving methods and ideas makes for a wild time guessing how people are gonna act. And it may be a bias, but I've noticed that Jersey plates here in Maryland drive especially crazy when compared to others.


paddlebawler t1_j9mwoes wrote

Another basic rule of driving in Maryland: the minute you see Pennsylvania tags, get away as quickly as possible. They suck at driving.


troublewthetrolleyeh t1_j9aq24u wrote

Extremely scary he’d resort to pulling a gun and threatening you over what, traffic?


Avocadofarmer32 OP t1_j9ar5u0 wrote

We were both just merging at the light! If it wasn’t me it would’ve been the person behind me. I was about to move over to the right of the car and I’m so thankful I didn’t.


Fenlig t1_j9anzwx wrote

I heard that because we are hyper alert while driving our reactions are also elevated to extremes as well. This would explain why drivers often come across as more irritable and ready to fly off the handle, I notice myself complaining way more than usual while driving. Now put someone who's already mentally unhinged and with a gun behind the wheel. Give people plenty of space and don't be in a rush is always my advice.


shaneknu t1_j9b3d8k wrote

I feel like it's taken me a longer than it should have to get the "Zen" of driving. Once you learn to manage your expectations about how fast you're going drive, and how the driving experience is going to be, you're less upset about the usual driving annoyances. Some people really seem to get hung up on that stuff, or take crazy chances for the privilege of sitting at the next red light.


AndoCalrissian3 t1_j9b7p6w wrote

Sorry that happened to you. Me and my buddies were the targets of someone’s road rage while returning from a camping trip in moab. We were almost back to Vegas with a rented ford eco sport. The car is small and might as well been made out of paper. A dude in a lifted Ram whipped up the shoulder and brake checked us at ~80 mph all the way to a sliding halt on the freeway. Life flashed before my eyes I thought I was gonna get crushed by his bumper. No idea what we did to draw his ire - we were just cruising down the highway. Definitely shook us up for several hours so I know the feeling. Those people are a menace to society


yerfondofmebiscuits t1_j9asxnk wrote

glad you are ok. i went through something similar a few years back. work downtown. was heading into work on 295. work nights but shift starts at 7 so it was around 545-6pm'sh on 295. pre covid times on a friday so traffic was heavy. got into it with some charged up dude and i used to have road rage but i never started stuff, my problem was once someone started stuff i wouldn't let go so he and i got stupid and chased each other on 295 and at one point he pulled his piece out and had me dead to rights. if he fired i was done.

he didn't but i hit the breaks when that happened. he sped off eventually.

crazily enough once i was in the city he and i ran into each other again and i guess he recognized me and my car and we were at a red and instead of waiting he ran the red and disappeared.

that was the last time for me as far as road rage. it helped a lot when i became an uncle. felt like i had/have purpose in my life so i started keeping one of her little plushy type toys i hang in my rearview mirror and anytime something happens i just look at it and remember her and let it go.


Middle-Ad4930 t1_j9ba1t2 wrote

I mean a few years back there was an incident where a person shot at another driver for road rage and ended up shooting an unrelated 3rd party driver on 95


UniqueMarch2518 t1_j9brr75 wrote

It’s Baltimore, assume everyone has a gun.


keenerperkins t1_j9bsmou wrote

Road rage in Baltimore is at such a high and it honestly can be terrifying to drive (or be a pedestrian) in this city. The aggressiveness is out of hand and our city does nothing to calm traffic patterns to make it safer.


rhapsodyoninstagram t1_j9capwn wrote

It's America, I assume everyone I meet is 1) stupid, and 2) packin


hippiechick725 t1_j9ao05p wrote

Disgusting, but not surprised at all.


AllAmericanBlackGuy t1_j9f36up wrote

Brandishing a gun in Maryland is first degree assault all day long.


Avocadofarmer32 OP t1_j9f4b4g wrote

I tried so many times to zoom in on the photo to see if you could see the gun but it’s a lost cause.


dickpickdan t1_j9bd4rp wrote

Glad you’re safe, sorry you had to be involved in this. Thanks for the reminder to do everything I can to not engage with other drivers because you have absolutely no idea what somebody is really willing to do.


Naturally_Smitten t1_j9czr8z wrote

What the actual fuck??? That must have been terrifying for you. I am glad you are physically ok.


SnooHamsters5104 t1_j9b844r wrote

Yikes! So glad you’re ok. Definitely do some self care to help with the stress and scare!


aoife_too t1_j9brmlp wrote

This stuff is happening more in the county, too. Just saw some guy in Hunt Valley stop and get out of his car to scream at the person behind him (no fender-bender had happened, literally just road rage). I’ve read that this behavior is on the rise since the pandemic, but seeing it in real life is wild.

I hope you get to rest and take care of yourself today!!


liftedresearch24 t1_j9c25hp wrote

This looks like the same car that drove around my liqour store in Abingdon waving a rifle out the side cops couldn’t find the car but it’s the same description maroon Mercedes 😳


AdUnfair3836 t1_j9azehq wrote

I've had more people get road rage at me because I was minding my own business and THEY were trying to pull some stupid stunt and it didn't work out. Then suddenly... I was the crazy driver getting threats shouted at me and my windows hit. It's happened more than once.


judeiscariot t1_j9cu9a0 wrote

Surprised the police didn't ticket you for using your phone while driving tbh.

Sorry some whackjob did this to you, though.


TerranceBaggz t1_j9djrj3 wrote

Driving cars brings out the worst in people.


robobaha t1_j9dww0w wrote

happened to me a couple times lmaooo


SliceNaive t1_j9e0rsl wrote

As long as you’re shaking, you’ll be ok. There are more and more disturbed people out with guns. I won’t even honk my horn at anyone because I’ve seen how that set some people off. What is happening to people!?! I was always told, never show someone your weapon unless you are going to use it. Words to live by and keep breathing.


flookie99 t1_j9eyada wrote

That’s terrifying OP. I’m so sorry.

What did you do in that situation? Drive around quickly?


Avocadofarmer32 OP t1_j9foanf wrote

I called 911 and they advised to stay away. It took me a second to realize what was happening but I wanted to make sure I had his license plate. I have the absolute worst reflexes especially in stressful situations.


trader2O t1_j9bftld wrote

This is normal behavior in Baltimore County, nothing to worry about, all you can do is drive as safe as possible.


milesofjoy87 t1_j9beyao wrote

Loll they caught you lacking...sorry that happend to you bro stay safe


adrian123456879 t1_j9apc8j wrote

Imagine if a cop showed up… he would be dead right now, some people don’t live with their head up their asses and they live around us every day


adrian123456879 t1_j9aznel wrote

As far as i know cops shot no questions asked to individuals pointing with guns to unarmed people


Avocadofarmer32 OP t1_j9cjqhd wrote

So you’re saying the cops would have shot me? Because I wasn’t armed and the Jack wagon in front of me was..


friedlock68 t1_j9eupn5 wrote

They're saying the guy with the gun would be dead...


Avocadofarmer32 OP t1_j9eyv93 wrote

But he wasn’t unarmed 🤔and he threatened to shoot me for no reason? But I’m not getting into this.