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Due-Net-88 t1_jaa8f0d wrote

Try googling? Yes when the dirt bike task force confiscates bikes anywhere from 25-50% are stolen bikes. Not that you couldn’t have looked that up yourself.


CaptainObvious110 t1_jaah13j wrote


imperaman t1_jaaqip7 wrote

Exactly. Most people don't seem to understand that every single dirt bike (except those that have undergone conversion kits) is illegal to ride on public roads. Dual-sport bikes are obviously an exception.


DfcukinLite t1_jaacfs0 wrote

Hmm Not seeing anything citing 25%-50% figures


Due-Net-88 t1_jaafkl8 wrote

Of the 420 dirt bikes police have seized since the launch of the task force, 88 were stolen, said Baltimore Detective David Jones. 21%

Police seized a total of 15 dirt bikes and ATV’s of which six were stolen and three had obliterated serial numbers. 60%

During their investigation, officers recovered two dirt bikes. One of the bikes had been previously reported stolen in Southern Maryland. 50%

Or. I just know how math works.


todareistobmore t1_jabasam wrote

> Or. I just know how math works.

Discarding over 95% of your data because it doesn't fit your claim is not, typically, how math works.


MotoSlashSix t1_jaagm8n wrote

Your own numbers average out to about 43%.

Not a “large majority.” Not even a majority. But hey, you “know how math works” so ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Due-Net-88 t1_jaah6ab wrote

Where the fuck did I say “large majority”. Cite that for me. Thanks. And by the by… 43% is HUGE. If 43% of cars on the road were stolen that might make the news at least or something.


iamthesam2 t1_jabx0t5 wrote

did you really just waste a minute of your time to write the dumbest comment i’ve ever read?


MotoSlashSix t1_jac9mwg wrote

Ad hominems don’t prove shit. Show me this “large majority”.


iamthesam2 t1_jad3r3o wrote

you do realize you just demonstrated exactly how smart you are. thanks for that!


Douseigh t1_jabykjy wrote

Bro you are the most annoying poster on this sub.

Data is not everything. When you learn about data you will learn this.


DfcukinLite t1_jac51i6 wrote

Data is everything. Bs numbers and feelings aren’t


TheCaptainDamnIt t1_jaae6wp wrote

Notice how the best they got is that "most" just gets bumped down to 30%


DfcukinLite t1_jaabixo wrote

So where’s the Google source


TheCaptainDamnIt t1_jaadrvk wrote

I love how there's no attrition to that stat, just 'police say' and now suddenly ya'll willing to believe everything the BPD says....

Also the OP said 'most' and 29% is not 'most'.


DfcukinLite t1_jaaf8a9 wrote

Yeah, that doesn’t substantiate any claims made. This is from 2013 there’s no one data. “Police say” well where’s the hard numbers… police say a lot of things


CaptainObvious110 t1_jaaa4qn wrote

What dirt bike task force?


abooth43 t1_jaadk0t wrote


CaptainObvious110 t1_jaagla0 wrote

Thanks to the absolutely wonderful Mr's Mosby and company the police are not to interfere with their activities. All they can do is watch and monitor them like they do every week at Pratt Street.

By now where they congregate is very well known.


YorickTheCat t1_jaau86o wrote

Last week there was a cop heading north on MLK Jr. Blvd, flanked on both sides and behind by a group of about 15 guys on dirt bikes popping wheelies and what not.


CaptainObvious110 t1_jaaxhzn wrote

Yeah I saw them give the police the finger on Pratt st last Thursday. They know the police can't do anything and take full advantage of it.


MotoSlashSix t1_jaafkpl wrote

The claim was that “a large majority” of the bikes are stolen. Your claim is it’s 25-50% of them. So which is it? Because 25-50% is not “a large majority.“


Due-Page384 t1_jaa8xun wrote

Nah, it’s just easier to call you racist. Thanks though!


CaptainObvious110 t1_jaadf1w wrote

It's not racist to call out people who are deliberately being obnoxious, not in the least. It doesn't matter if they are black, white, polkadot or whatever. Dumb is dumb and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

I get so sick to death of people throwing out the word "racist" in an effort to take away someone's credibility just because they are of a different race than the folks doing dumb stuff. I know personally I will call stuff out regardless of what color someone is because again wrong is wrong.

Unfortunately there is so much division in this country either they have the mentality that black people can do no wrong, or they feel that all of us are a problem. There simply isn't any nuance no middle ground at all. Like somehow we can't help but do things to piss everyone else off and that's just not true. Just because something is a part of local culture, doesn't mean that you just accept the negative aspects of it or condone the actions of the people doing it.


Due-Page384 t1_jaaglbj wrote

Lol. I was being sarcastic and making a joke about the lightly veiled racist comment above, and exactly how unhelpful that is.

For getting so upset about division, you sure seem to be trying to drive a lot of it at someone who agrees with you.


CaptainObvious110 t1_jaalrq4 wrote

This is text communication so sometimes things that are intended don't come across as intended. Happens to me all the time.

Also, to be honest I would have assumed that the bikes were stolen as well and I think that's a reasonable assumption to make as well. Doesn't have to be a matter of race at all, in this case though all of the young men I've seen doing this whether here in Baltimore or in DC are black.

Needless to say that if they were white or hispanic the issue would still be the same.


TheCaptainDamnIt t1_jaez2k5 wrote

> I would have assumed that the bikes were stolen as well and I think that's a reasonable assumption to make as well.

No it's not.

>Needless to say that if they were white or hispanic the issue would still be the same.

No it isn't. I've been riding for 40 years, from dirt bikes to street bikes to cruisers. When I was a kid I did all the same things these kids are doing now on public streets. Hell I rode my dirt bike to elementary school. I've had many angry screaming people come out to yell at me in the street over that I was doing, and you know what none of them ever accused me of... stealing my bike. I did however see a kid who legitimately borrowed a friends bike get stoped by the school administrator who demanded he tell him 'where he got his bike from'. But that kid was darker than me.

I've been at bike nights showing off my bike and would get questions about wether or not I did my own build, while my ridding acquaintance sitting next to me got questions of 'where'd you get this'. You can guess the difference between to two of us.

I've run from the cops breaking up street races a couple of times. And each time cops waved me through the permitter they had set up, while the stopped the rest to check their paperwork. You can guess the difference once again.

I could go on and on with examples I've actually seen. But there is definitely a general assumption made that black riders steal their bikes and it is not the "same" and made for the rest of us.


TheCaptainDamnIt t1_jaagekj wrote

If someone is going to say that "most" of a group of black people have stolen something without any proof, you're damn right I'm going to call that racist and that's not where the "division' is coming from.

Perhaps the "division" is the assumption black people only steal stuff in the first place.