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Timmah_1984 t1_jaaeifz wrote

How are they going to get to the dirt bike park? Do all these kids know people with pick up trucks and trailers or are they just going to ride there illegally? They’re off road vehicles, no turn signals or lights, no insurance and no license required to ride. These kids blow stop signs, pop wheelies and tear ass down the streets. We don’t need to pander to them we need to start impounding their shit.


CaptainObvious110 t1_jaakvc3 wrote

Exactly. If the bikes are legally purchased find out who bought them and hold them accountable for them being used illegally.

Honestly, I would go as far as to make them illegal to sell in the city or nearby as well.


Jrbobfishman t1_jaaxdwp wrote

Dirt bikes and atvs have a vin number just like a car, When they are stolen, the thieves grind off the serial numbers. There is no way to track them back to the original owner


CaptainObvious110 t1_jaaxv3j wrote

Good point but I'm talking about the one that are actually legally obtained. I'm trying to give people the benefit of the doubt that have posted about most of them being bought and not stolen.


brYzmz OP t1_jaafmo7 wrote

Mentioned some ideas around the incentives and planning piece by offering onsite storage. Completely agree with enforcing on illegal on street BS in conjunction with offering legit alternatives. These are basic behavior change principles.


EfficiencySuch6361 t1_jaay8qt wrote

On site storage lol. They will definitely get stolen eventually & these ppl aren’t idiots they know this


brYzmz OP t1_jaag7b2 wrote

This couldn’t be some small scale rinky dink bullshit. The purpose would need to be create a facility that would become a destination for the region.


Douseigh t1_jabz83q wrote

It’s a unique idea so I’m not trying to tear u down. But unfortunately making it regional (like Hatfield McCoy trails in WV) will make it too expensive for most of the riders in our city even Philly ny nj crews

Owning a dirtbike and trailer and truck and riding legally is a lot of money and work. When I had a boat I had to tow it down to slip and launch no way I was paying slip fees. If I had the option to jump in boat from house and cruise where ever no rules that make it lot cheaper all u need to buy is a boat