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z3mcs t1_jarbgwc wrote

>"If you wish to be reborn as a trash-being worthy of the Trash Wheel's love and respect the order encourages you to apply," the partnership said in a statement.

>Applicants will then be sorted into one of four Trash Wheel "houses," Turtleroar, Rattypaw, Otterfluff and Snekerin.


TheButtholer69 t1_jarz0e3 wrote

If I go to the harbor and I see a bunch of people in identical robes I am running home


danabanana55 t1_jatdjyu wrote

If there’s googly eyes on the robes though count me in


[deleted] t1_jasbptg wrote

I love how playful and wholesome this is.


Anarcho-Crab t1_jasij63 wrote

I'm already a trash-being, may as well make it official 🤣