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I received the following email from Enoch Pratt Library.

Dear Hamilton customers,

We want to inform you of a security incident at the Hamilton Branch. 

On Friday, February 24th, a hidden camera was found inside a bathroom stall in the public restroom at the Hamilton branch library. Baltimore City Police were immediately called and are leading the investigation into this disturbing incident. 

While we cannot give more details on this open investigation, we wanted to inform all the customers of the branch. Detectives are investigating how long this camera may have been inside this restroom. The restroom is a single stall, gender neutral public restroom in the basement. 

Pratt security teams have conducted sweeps of every public and staff restroom in all of the library’s 22 locations. No additional cameras were found at any Pratt facility. While Pratt security patrols the restrooms daily, specific sweeps for cameras will continue to be conducted regularly following this incident. 

The safety and security of our customers and staff is the top priority of the Pratt Library and we will continue working with law enforcement on their investigation. Anyone who may have information is asked to contact Baltimore Police. 



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Animanialmanac t1_jasn8bs wrote

Thank you for sharing. I’ve been in that library with patients for scheduled walks. That’s scary and a shame that a library can’t be a safe place.


EthanSayfo t1_jatkicy wrote

We're going to need cameras in bathrooms to look out for people who are installing cameras in bathrooms! Oy vey. Not pleasant all around.


Ritaontherocksnosalt OP t1_jatqhyr wrote

I am wondering if the school down the road has been notified.


Dangerous_Wave t1_jatvaxr wrote

So whatre they hoping to catch on that vid? Fetish stuff, sex, drugs, somebody changing their kid?