Submitted by kelseyelizabetht t3_124w6cz in baltimore

I got a jury summons for Baltimore today for this Friday. Awesome timing. Luckily was able to reschedule for this summer but I plan to still be breastfeeding by then. Anyone have any experience with this? Will they give any accommodations?



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jabbadarth t1_je1b9a6 wrote

Looks like you can get a 1 year deferment.,for%20jury%20duty%20in%20MD.

I think your best bet would be to just call and ask the clerk.


TaterTotz8 t1_je1m6kz wrote

Interesting, I called a few weeks ago and they only gave me a deferment that was up to 6 months after birth (sounds similar to what OP got). They literally scheduled my jury duty for the first business day after my baby turns six months 😐.

Would love to know what the pumping setup is like in the court house.


keyjan t1_je1mn3n wrote

Call them back a week before your next date and say, "Sorry, kid's still nursing." If they say, "Tough, come anyway," say, "Sure, I'll bring the kid and just whip it out during voir die."


kelseyelizabetht OP t1_je1qll5 wrote

I def plan on calling back and asking for details, on the one year deferment or if not, then where can I pump!


TaterTotz8 t1_je1rdg3 wrote

I hope we can get one year! I submitted a note and my child’s birth certificate to get the 6m deferment. When I initially called I asked about getting longer than 6m and the person wasn’t that helpful, but that’s usually the case for court staff.

Just another example of how BF isn’t supported in this country 😫.


houdinize t1_je1yjsh wrote

Sadly there is a pumping room so they won’t defer you longer than 6 months. The shitty part is you have to go ask for a key and then hope it’s not occupied. Also, I have no idea the condition of the room. A coworker dealt with this recently. I feel someone with young kids you should be exempt from jury duty if you have any child under school age.


Animanialmanac t1_je1o5py wrote

The circuit courthouse has lactation rooms, my daughter used the room when she had jury duty, she said it was a standard room with a recliner and refrigerator, she took her cooler bag instead of leaving her milk unattended. You can call to reserve a room for when you have jury duty.


misanthrope8 t1_je2icir wrote

Our ped wrote a note stating that my baby doesn’t take a bottle and therefore can’t be separated from me (which is the truth).


miramini t1_je350ls wrote

When I had jury duty a few years ago, they told I could fax in the birth certificate and I’d be excused. It sounded like it was not just the first six months but it might be different if there’s a lactation room now.


MichMaybenot t1_je4gbp2 wrote

They gave me a 1-year deferment, they just needed me to send in a copy of the birth certificate.


TaterTotz8 t1_je5isfb wrote

When was this?? They only gave me 6mo but if they are giving others a year then I’m going to call again.


MichMaybenot t1_je5r9ro wrote

The summons date was in Oct 2021, and they didn't call me again until late 2022.


Obasan123 t1_je3cr3z wrote

My experience was years ago; the breastfed child in question is now in his forties. They weren't too keen on giving me the time, but I eventually did get a deferment. I threatened to have somebody bring him to me. I'm glad they seem to have joined the real world.