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kelseyelizabetht OP t1_je1qll5 wrote

I def plan on calling back and asking for details, on the one year deferment or if not, then where can I pump!


TaterTotz8 t1_je1rdg3 wrote

I hope we can get one year! I submitted a note and my child’s birth certificate to get the 6m deferment. When I initially called I asked about getting longer than 6m and the person wasn’t that helpful, but that’s usually the case for court staff.

Just another example of how BF isn’t supported in this country 😫.


houdinize t1_je1yjsh wrote

Sadly there is a pumping room so they won’t defer you longer than 6 months. The shitty part is you have to go ask for a key and then hope it’s not occupied. Also, I have no idea the condition of the room. A coworker dealt with this recently. I feel someone with young kids you should be exempt from jury duty if you have any child under school age.