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boarbar t1_jb2s4c3 wrote

If you have your license Home Depot rents trucks for $20 for the first 75 minutes


captain_smonch t1_jb2uld6 wrote

We were denied access to both the Sission Street Dump and Northwest Transfer Station when doing this. Apparently it qualifies as a commercial vehicle and wasn't allowed for having writing on the side at Sission and wasn't allowed at Northwest for us not having a small haulers permit. We had to hire someone to take it.


ilovelucy7734 t1_jb31i1g wrote

When I moved I used our rented uhaul to take mattresses to the Sisson st dump - no issues except they made us park the uhaul at the lower dumpsters and carry the mattress up the ramp and throw it over the edge


captain_smonch t1_jb3209e wrote

I'm glad it worked for you! It was such an obnoxious experience. We ended up writing to our councilperson


ilovelucy7734 t1_jb328nu wrote

Maybe that made a difference! This was only a couple months ago.


mrm0324 t1_jb32ul0 wrote

Same thing happened to me. I had a uhaul and they wouldn’t let me dump anything so I had to go down to a pay dump in the county. Really messed up my day of moving.


boarbar t1_jb357ki wrote

Damn that’s crazy! What about cockeysville?


dcfb2360 OP t1_jb3c8x9 wrote

really glad you told me this cuz I was looking into dumping it at Sisson St


captain_smonch t1_jb3cf32 wrote

They'll take the mattress for sure, just based on my experience it can't be in a vehicle that looks commercial (has words on the side)


Due-Net-88 t1_jb4ue2z wrote

Haha yup. Learned that the hard way when I borrowed my work van to bring my old couch there and they denied me.


HorsieJuice t1_jb3o4bf wrote

I wonder if they've changed policies or if the degree of strictness varies with how busy they are and/or who's working that day. I've gone on days where they've looked over my load somewhat carefully and written down my ID info to make sure that I wasn't exceeding the daily/weekly cap, but then I've gone other times, including twice this week where they've just waved me through. There was a Uhaul van there this week, and every time I go, it's kind of obvious that the majority of the pickup trucks are doing something commercial, even if they don't have any writing emblazoned on the side.