Submitted by dcfb2360 t3_11jg8z0 in baltimore

I need to get rid of an old mattress cuz I got a new one, my apartment won't let me put it in the dumpster. I called 311 and they can't pick it up for another 2 months but I'm moving next week. Any ideas for how to move it?



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mrm0324 t1_jb2g5cb wrote

If you can fit it in your vehicle, you can take it to the dump.


mrm0324 t1_jb2gnx6 wrote

There are people who will haul it away for a price. I live in canton and there’s a bunch of people who do it here. Not sure where you live but you may want to ask on a local neighborhood page too.


BJJBean t1_jb2imag wrote

Put it up on facebook marketplace for free. You'd be surprised what people will pick up.


obmulap113 t1_jb2l1qn wrote

You are supposed to leave them on the shoulder of 295


captain_smonch t1_jb2uld6 wrote

We were denied access to both the Sission Street Dump and Northwest Transfer Station when doing this. Apparently it qualifies as a commercial vehicle and wasn't allowed for having writing on the side at Sission and wasn't allowed at Northwest for us not having a small haulers permit. We had to hire someone to take it.


ratwing t1_jb2x9ez wrote

I literally tore one apart and put it in several contractor bags.

This is a nearly impossible job -- once I got to the springs, I had to spend a long time with an angle grinder to get through them all. Bagging a bunch of fucking big springs, not fun.

I also disassembled and then sledge hammered a piano. The piano, was more fun than the mattress.


Dontaskmeaboutnam t1_jb38ahz wrote

Leave it an an alley by the building and forget about it like any normal baltimoron


dcfb2360 OP t1_jb3cpel wrote

Yep this is the right way of doing it. Problem is 311 kinda sucks, you have to schedule a time waaaaay in advance to have them pick it up so they won't even pick it up for like 3 months from now cuz they're apparently "booked" smh


throwaway37865 t1_jb3hxez wrote

Please be careful doing this!! Fiberglass contamination is a MAJOR issue and will contaminate the area you destroy this in. Fiberglass is in a lot of mattresses. This can cause major health issues and problems for those exposed.


HorsieJuice t1_jb3o4bf wrote

I wonder if they've changed policies or if the degree of strictness varies with how busy they are and/or who's working that day. I've gone on days where they've looked over my load somewhat carefully and written down my ID info to make sure that I wasn't exceeding the daily/weekly cap, but then I've gone other times, including twice this week where they've just waved me through. There was a Uhaul van there this week, and every time I go, it's kind of obvious that the majority of the pickup trucks are doing something commercial, even if they don't have any writing emblazoned on the side.


[deleted] t1_jb4oqew wrote

If you are not able to arrange for it to be disposed of properly in time, you may simply need to take it with you and arrange for disposal at your new location.


SpareCartographer402 t1_jb4s7en wrote

You asked to put it in the dumpster! Naw you pull that shit out in the middle of the night, you pay enough rent to let them pay for the removal.


Main-Equipment-3207 t1_jb4sx28 wrote

Try the service Load Up to remove it. I had them remove a broken sofa from my apartment for only $99. I live in Rockville but they probably have a service in Baltimore.


Natural_Sherbert_900 t1_jb57lhu wrote

If you don’t figure it out in time put it in the dumpster on the way out when you’re moving.


sonnyspoon8 t1_jb5934j wrote

They have these places around the city called dumps,maybe you can visit one.


Cunninghams_right t1_jb5aysx wrote

craigslist or facebook marketplace ad. offer $10 for someone to come haul it to the dump. you're not supposed to sell used mattresses (ordinances to prevent bed-bugs in most places), but if you pay someone to haul it away and they keep it, there is no way for you to know.