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The time has come in my life when I am aware of more negatives than positives from drinking. I have a big event this weekend, and I am planning on celebrating the event by doing a kind of commemorative bar crawl for the ages, and drastically if not completely cutting back afterwards.

I need recommendations for places that have fallen under my radar or that I've simply not made it to so far in my time here. The places I (somewhat) frequent and love are a list of usual suspects:

Dutch Courage for the flights and cocktails

Fadensonnen for the amazing curated list

W.C. Harlan for the vibes and cocktails

Crossbar for the German import selection

Guilford for the local German stylings

Checkerspot for the great beer

Rye for the cocktails and bartenders

Max's Taphouse for the beer selection

Penny Black for the coziness

iBar for the wings

Ottobar for the shows and a Boh

Anchor Bar for the late convos

Mum's because Mum's

I'm going to pick a couple from this list, and see if I can add some good ones from your recommendations! Clearly I am a fan of beer and good cocktails, but I enjoy great wine from the right places too. And since I've never yet been, I realize I should probably end the night at Mt Royal Tavern.



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Ultraxxx t1_je9bpks wrote

RoFo on Highland Ave.


prufrocked42 OP t1_jebiqeg wrote

This recommendation confuses me but I like it and just may follow it if I end up on a late Taco Bell run 😂


jabbadarth t1_je87ztf wrote

Wiley Gunters- great beer selection both on tap and in cans. Also quality bar food

Barflys- amazing whiskey selection and super knowledgeable bartenders and owner (seriously they have been invited to and get special casks from distilleries because of how much whiskey they eml)


prufrocked42 OP t1_jebiczo wrote

Barfly's caught my eye a while ago; knowing they have a killer whisky selection is the draw I need.


jabbadarth t1_jebixo3 wrote

Pizza is great too. It's the same recipe Matthew's pizza uses. The owner is somehow connected to Matthew's from what I've heard.


prufrocked42 OP t1_jebj3z3 wrote

Oh nice. I got Mystic Burrito recently and Matthew's caught my eye and seemed like it might be an awesome spot.


jabbadarth t1_jebjxkd wrote

It's polarizing (mostly for new Yorkers who refuse to eat any other type of pizza) but I think it's amazing and it's uniquely baltimore. It's a light doughy pan pizza style.


earnestlikehemingway t1_je8qccm wrote

Idle Hour - dive no BS , chartreuse, pickle backs , Salvadoran beer

The Wurst Bar - Hidden in Crossbar for cocktails

Clavel Bar - Mezcal flights and that aged negroni

Birds of a Feather -for the scotch and other whiskey

SugarVale - Cocktails and they Carry Compass Box whiskey


prufrocked42 OP t1_jebi89m wrote

Great choices. I should probably catch Wurst Bar for sure, Idle Hour if I need a dive to chill. Have really enjoyed Clavel but never tried the aged negroni - right up my alley.

A scotch at Birds is still on the bucket list; I've heard such amazing things. I totally get it given the owner's situation but the hours have never quite worked.


Brief_Exit1798 t1_je9dz9h wrote

South side saloon fort and Henry- where longshoreman are made of nails


DfcukinLite t1_je89cf4 wrote

Sugarvale, Le Comptoir du Vin, Church Bar, Wet City, Cookhouse, Tilted Row, Topside & Bside, The Royal Blue, Ash Bar, Marta, BlueBird cocktail room to name a few


prufrocked42 OP t1_jebhipv wrote

Love this list! I've been to a few on it that were great but I never knew about Church, which is definitely on my itinerary now, and realized Tilted and Marta would be great spots for fortifications along with Comptoir.


chunkyoven t1_je8cj60 wrote

bloom’s at hotel ulysses!


anbafi08 t1_je9v6uy wrote

Bar 1801 and/or Kenwood Tavern (owners’ new spot in Canton)


prufrocked42 OP t1_jebhm50 wrote

Good reminder! Nipped intp 1801 close to closing a couple weeks ago and really liked it.


EMA_Wildcat t1_jedx46e wrote

I think you need to enter rehab rather than go on a beer crawl.


prufrocked42 OP t1_jefhrhz wrote

Appreciate the opinion!

Edit: also, welcome to reddit!