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earnestlikehemingway t1_je8qccm wrote

Idle Hour - dive no BS , chartreuse, pickle backs , Salvadoran beer

The Wurst Bar - Hidden in Crossbar for cocktails

Clavel Bar - Mezcal flights and that aged negroni

Birds of a Feather -for the scotch and other whiskey

SugarVale - Cocktails and they Carry Compass Box whiskey


prufrocked42 OP t1_jebi89m wrote

Great choices. I should probably catch Wurst Bar for sure, Idle Hour if I need a dive to chill. Have really enjoyed Clavel but never tried the aged negroni - right up my alley.

A scotch at Birds is still on the bucket list; I've heard such amazing things. I totally get it given the owner's situation but the hours have never quite worked.