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ChemicalElevator1380 t1_jds1xp5 wrote

Direct TV this year they are giving us MLB TV for 🆓


whiteclawappreciator t1_jds3375 wrote

If you are in the viewing region of MASN the Os games will be blacked out on MLB TV.

MLB talks about how they want to grow the game and reach new audiences and then turn around and continue to use archaic blackout restrictions.


jabbadarth t1_jds774m wrote

Yup.i haven't watched an Os game on TV in about 5 years thanks to masns bullshit.

The NFL plays a vast majority of their games over the air and the ones that aren't are easily accessible on widely used streaming services.

Meanwhile MLB allows shit like MASN to exist and blacks out games.

When I lived 2 miles from the stadium I had no ways to watch the Os without satellite or cable.

I went from watching about 90% of Os games a season to watching 0 games in a matter of a few years and now my 6 and 3 year old never see Os games and likely will grow up with very little connection to baseball.

So we'll done MASN and MLB you are killing your own fucking sport you morons.


whiteclawappreciator t1_jds8dpn wrote

Hopefully the fallout from Bally Sports going bankrupt will make MLB rethink the way the sport is broadcast and how they do broadcast rights, it is evident it isn't working. Buuuuut its MLB so zero shot they even think anything is wrong.


jabbadarth t1_jdsdxzt wrote

They are going to realize in 10 or 20 years when their viewership is abysmally low. Baseball is already a hard sell to kids who grew up with constant access to everything. Goos luck getting them to buy MLB packages to watch a slow paced technical game.


BoobPickles t1_jds6153 wrote

Direct TV user in FL. I had no idea. Also, seems like more red tape and hurdles for me. Wasted the last 15 mins getting nowhere. My renewal probably already hit anyways.


Chickenmangoboom t1_jdskzdo wrote

Even though the are issues watching Orioles games T-Mobile also gives away MLB TV through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app in case anyone has them and wants it for free.


Uu550 t1_jdvh4kl wrote

Doesn't help with blackouts