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EMA_Wildcat t1_jduq0li wrote

Reply to comment by billiamprydz in Orioles without MASN by CheapJankMtG

People are wanting something for nothing. They proclaim they’re die hard fans, but won’t pay to watch the games.


TeachGullible t1_jdvd9c8 wrote

This is a whack take. I buy merch, have a flex package, food and drink at the stadium. I shouldn't have to pay to watch them play on TV. That's what advertising is for.


CheapJankMtG OP t1_jdvju5p wrote

I don’t mind paying I just don’t want to have to buy a cable package and the Verizon option isn’t available in my area.


TeachGullible t1_jdvkfhc wrote

Entirely reasonable. I am not saying you have to mind paying. I am saying you shouldn't have to. This guy stating you're not a diehard fan unless you pay for a masn sub is just a stupid take.


EMA_Wildcat t1_jdy1ikv wrote

I’m a fan, but not enough of a fan to pay to watch their games on 📺. /S


TheSchneid t1_jdvthnu wrote

I would totally buy the MLB package online if they didn't blackout local games. But they do so I stream them on sketchy sites for free, simple as that. You cannot buy access to MASN without buying a cable package from Comcast and that's BS. Mlb needs to get with the times.

I am absolutely not buying a cable package just for MASN. Not going back to cable, that's never happening.

I have a friend that entirely stopped watching the Os when they took games off WJZ on Sundays. They're really screwing over their fan base.


EMA_Wildcat t1_jdy1bra wrote

You’re not much of a fan if you’re unwilling to pay to see their games.