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TheSchneid t1_jdvthnu wrote

Reply to comment by EMA_Wildcat in Orioles without MASN by CheapJankMtG

I would totally buy the MLB package online if they didn't blackout local games. But they do so I stream them on sketchy sites for free, simple as that. You cannot buy access to MASN without buying a cable package from Comcast and that's BS. Mlb needs to get with the times.

I am absolutely not buying a cable package just for MASN. Not going back to cable, that's never happening.

I have a friend that entirely stopped watching the Os when they took games off WJZ on Sundays. They're really screwing over their fan base.


EMA_Wildcat t1_jdy1bra wrote

You’re not much of a fan if you’re unwilling to pay to see their games.