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jabbadarth t1_jds774m wrote

Yup.i haven't watched an Os game on TV in about 5 years thanks to masns bullshit.

The NFL plays a vast majority of their games over the air and the ones that aren't are easily accessible on widely used streaming services.

Meanwhile MLB allows shit like MASN to exist and blacks out games.

When I lived 2 miles from the stadium I had no ways to watch the Os without satellite or cable.

I went from watching about 90% of Os games a season to watching 0 games in a matter of a few years and now my 6 and 3 year old never see Os games and likely will grow up with very little connection to baseball.

So we'll done MASN and MLB you are killing your own fucking sport you morons.


whiteclawappreciator t1_jds8dpn wrote

Hopefully the fallout from Bally Sports going bankrupt will make MLB rethink the way the sport is broadcast and how they do broadcast rights, it is evident it isn't working. Buuuuut its MLB so zero shot they even think anything is wrong.


jabbadarth t1_jdsdxzt wrote

They are going to realize in 10 or 20 years when their viewership is abysmally low. Baseball is already a hard sell to kids who grew up with constant access to everything. Goos luck getting them to buy MLB packages to watch a slow paced technical game.


jheyne0311 t1_jdsnt2a wrote

I wonder how many years in a row this thread will continue to exist in March on the Orioles and Baltimore subreddit


cdbloosh t1_jdsxr4c wrote

DirectTV stream is the only streaming service that offers MASN. Otherwise you’ve got to get traditional Comcast or DirectTV. Or do something less than legal


Xhosa1725 t1_jdtdyhw wrote

Spend $20 on a Firestick, Google "Kodi" and follow the instructions. Now you have access to pretty much every live sporting event on the planet.



Aol_awaymessage t1_jdtpb7k wrote

Streameast dot live

Do not watch on a regular laptop. Only watch via chrome book or some other obscure OS. I’m sure it’s riddled with computer diseases


Strong_Name_2808 t1_jdv2vit wrote

At least the crappy Masn app now allows Xfinity... I was able to stream spring training games away from my home on mobile network.


CheapJankMtG OP t1_jdvk9r5 wrote

$70 a month for direct tv with the sports package. That’s unreasonable for someone that doesn’t watch live TV and buys $100 streaming services a month. I just want to watch the games. I would buy a just MASN app or streaming package. I just don’t want to pay for something I won’t use.


TheSchneid t1_jdvthnu wrote

I would totally buy the MLB package online if they didn't blackout local games. But they do so I stream them on sketchy sites for free, simple as that. You cannot buy access to MASN without buying a cable package from Comcast and that's BS. Mlb needs to get with the times.

I am absolutely not buying a cable package just for MASN. Not going back to cable, that's never happening.

I have a friend that entirely stopped watching the Os when they took games off WJZ on Sundays. They're really screwing over their fan base.