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gainz_yager t1_jd8yims wrote

I know where I'm washing my balls today


DrStrangepants t1_jd911im wrote

Same, I'm washing this guys balls


GusTheGoober t1_jd9puzb wrote

I’m watching this guy washing this guys balls


tangerinesubmerine t1_jd9radf wrote

While you watch, can I wash your balls?


GusTheGoober t1_jd9rr7o wrote

If you can find a large enough sponge.


AlchemyStash t1_jd9yg3d wrote

If they’re too big, it isn’t healthy. I recommend getting it checked out if that’s the case.

If they’re big but not swollen then wow you’re such a man


GusTheGoober t1_jd9ywex wrote

Who said I was a man


AlchemyStash t1_jda02et wrote

Your balls, unless this is all a lie.


GusTheGoober t1_jda0rjs wrote

Don’t believe everything that you squeeze


AlchemyStash t1_jda2549 wrote

Can we talk about ball squeezing for a second? I respect what everyone is into, but it seems so dangerous. I get that maybe that’s part of the thrill, but you squeeze too hard and those puppies explode.


GusTheGoober t1_jda2nw2 wrote

Some people like their steak rare, some people like their steak well done. Some people like a Thai kickboxer to use their scrote as a speed bag.


temptags t1_jdc97zp wrote

Fack this made me almost spit my coffee out LOL


weahman t1_jdcbn30 wrote

Its fine fill it back up with some freshly squeezed juice


dualjobs t1_jdb5wkh wrote

The question is, is the juice worth the squeeze?


Osetiya t1_jdbeke2 wrote

I really read this entire threat to this point at 12:29 AM.


FFSBohica t1_jdb0hoz wrote

Try a golf course, those ballwashers are much more efficient.


Admirable_Story_5063 t1_jd91ul6 wrote

Or you can go across the street to Broadway"market" and just use the bathroom in there.


CaptainObvious110 t1_jdb6dsr wrote

You can but people are constantly knocking at the door or will just try to open it without knocking at all.

What's messed is that on the door it tells you if each private stall is occupied or not. The way to solve that is to make it higher on the door and more visible.


EthanSayfo t1_jd91oy7 wrote

Doesn't Starbucks have a policy nationwide as of a few years ago after that situation that got some coverage, where they now give the bathroom access code to anyone who asks for it?

Or did this change?


Duck-Says-Quack t1_jda9nd5 wrote

….what situation?


Longey13 t1_jd8tnhy wrote

I don't think I'll ever be in a situation where I'll need this, but thanks, I guess?


AlchemyStash t1_jd9yk7n wrote

You don’t pee, poop or need a break from life for 4 to 10 minutes ever?


my-hero-macadamia t1_jd94q3c wrote

Is the code new??? When I lived in fed and went for a run around the harbor, the shits always hit me by the time I got to fells. This Starbucks was always my 💩 bathroom. So I actually find this very helpful, thanks.


chrissymad t1_jd9909n wrote

This Starbucks has only been open for about 6 months.


my-hero-macadamia t1_jd9a41g wrote

Oh I’m definitely thinking of the wrong Starbucks then. The one on Fleet in Harbor East. (I realize that’s technically just outside Fells, i just always thought of it as Fells)


nesto92 t1_jd9nv44 wrote

Not all heroes wear capes


bitchmaster_general t1_jdcgv6v wrote

Dude. The one in mt Vernon is like 6 digits. Can’t ever remember it. Good on you.


DisentangledElm t1_jdga9dk wrote

It's not hating the homeless or any of that. Imagine being the poor employee that has to cleanup after someone's "shower" or their latest drug fix. Now imagine people who use the Starbucks regularly for extended periods, seeing that, and never wanting to visit that location ever again. Now you know why they put codes on some of the doors (still).

Should you be able to relieve yourself? Yes. Leave the bathroom unsanitary or unsafe? NO. Not sure why this is such a hard concept for people.


babesbobo OP t1_jdi8spa wrote

I did this specifically for homeless people and junkies to trash the bathrooms, because I knew this would prompt you to avoid the establishment. you've fallen into my trap! Muahahahahaha


Osetiya t1_jdbermt wrote

Someone cussed their boss out today and quit, huh?


logaboga t1_jdc8u2b wrote

you’re a goddamn American hero


rockybalBOHa t1_jdaj3yy wrote

Many Starbucks across the country have bathroom codes. A few years ago they changed their policy to allow non-customers to use the bathrooms, or even just loiter inside for hours without buying anything. Of course, this led to disaster in many urban Starbucks, so they revised this policy. But shhhhh, it's a secret. Starbucks doesn't want to lose their liberal base.


jay_de-leon t1_jda3a7b wrote

Why tf does the bathroom have a code on it in the first place


Quantius t1_jddqvcy wrote

It falls under the "this is why we can't have nice things" corollary of human behavior.

If you've never worked in a public setting (esp food service) you might have never been the person who had to go clean the bathroom. And sometimes you get asked to go clean that bathroom after an inexplicable incident and you find yourself staring into the abyss, wondering how there can be both so much feces and how it got to all those places.

Everyone assumes it's because establishments are being 'anti-homeless' or some other exclusionary behavior. No. It's because some person or persons ruined it for everyone else. They could have just gone in, used the bathroom like you would expect any normal human to use it, but instead they decided that at that moment, HR Giger was their muse, and poop was their medium.

So if you're never opened the restroom door, and realized that you would have to start cleaning by the light switch, I can understand why you might not be familiar with why they lock the bathrooms in some places. And even worse is that it doesn't happen just the once, it happens multiple times before management finally listens to the employee complaints and installs the lock.


throwthepearlaway t1_jdacghc wrote

For showing the public that you hate them, especially homeless people


Kraqrjack t1_jdandtd wrote

Is the code available upon request at the counter?

I think typically anyone can use facilities in a restaurant if they buy something. Even homeless people. It’s a business not a public toilet. If you’re entering a business with no intention of supporting them don’t get pissy when they don’t support you either.

You presumably lock your doors as well. Why do you hate the homeless? They need to sleep indoors. They need your food and your bathroom. Right?


greenisthecolour11 t1_jdb0b7a wrote

Exactly. Starbucks isn’t a charity. It’d be very generous of them to allow the public to use their bathrooms, but people aren’t entitled to them. I don’t understand the logic people use to justify opinions like the one you replied to.


Kraqrjack t1_jdb21mm wrote

Also there was a thread on Reddit about a guy who chose to live in his car. He was a coder or something, choosing to be homeless. Traveled from Starbucks to Starbucks to use the wi-fi. Bought food, sat there all day, used the bathroom, and did this consistently. So being homeless and even transient is not the issue. Spend money. Private entities should not be forced to pick up the slack for failed government.

As a taxpayer I’d certainly endorse public shithouses on every corner. Other countries have them.