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theyoungbloody t1_jd38c33 wrote

Is the wind current strong enough in the harbor? Isn't one of the reasons they put them so far off shore is because it's the open seas and usually more wind than in a sheltered cove like the harbor?


dopkick t1_jd39mw3 wrote

You're correct in your thinking. Winds are usually much stronger and much more reliable off the coast. If you check a website like Windy with any frequency you'll see a pretty common pattern where the Atlantic is much more suitable for wind turbines. Baltimore is a poor location.


umbligado t1_jd3amae wrote

Yep. People may (understandably) fear the winds on the Key Bridge, but it’s pretty light compared to the rest of the Bay, let alone the ocean. I doubt such a project could break even.


Still appreciate OP’s thought process.


bearjew64 OP t1_jd45cqe wrote

Yea, this is more of a discussion topic and not a well thought out or scientifically sound proposal.

I saw the update from the MD Senate this morning about the POWER Act and the fact that we might start hitting electricity issues with all of these options available was just frustrating. Maryland needs that sweet sweet clean energy!


Similar_Coyote1104 t1_jd47lfk wrote

The wind is actually stronger near the shore because of temperature differential. They’re so far offshore because NIMBY