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jabbadarth t1_jd3sw72 wrote

The view is the least of the problems. Wind turbines in the harbor would produce hardly any electricity. Aside from the lack of consistent wind there just isn't space. Wind farms usually have dozens if not hundreds of turbines each hundreds of yards apart. There isn't enough space for any of that at all in or around baltimore.

I'd much rather see a huge push for solar panels. Grants and subsidies to cover every building in the city would make a much bigger impact.


Quantius t1_jd461i1 wrote

Put them on Charles street then, plenty of wind (esp when it's cold af). But solar panels sound good too.


Yankiwi17273 t1_jd4cx96 wrote

If carbon neutrality is the aim, idk if that would be a good idea here. Solar panels can be extremely carbon-intensive to make, and in places like here where it is not always sunny, it is iffy whether or not solar panels would be a good carbon investment.

I am personally a fan of the nuclear idea, but I know I am very much in the minority for that view (though maybe not on Reddit idk)