Submitted by ashandafurdiegoyim t3_126jy1k in baltimore

Brandon Price who played Stinkum from the Wire is out around Penn Station scamming for money again. His MO is to compliment you, flash his SAG card or a photo on his phone of him and Nicole Kidman and offer a sob story (usually that his car got towed or he just got mugged and just needs some cash to get home).

Don’t give him anything. Broadcast to your more gullible peeps, newbie neighborhoods, and local students. He came for me probably because I look younger than I am and he thought he could corner me.



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NorthboundGoose t1_je9q3t4 wrote

He’s active on Reddit, struggled with some mental health stuff in the past which is generally when he claims to do this during lapses. Hope he gets better again- but yeah probably good to not give.


ezduzit24 t1_je9w82b wrote

He still owes me twenty bucks! Lol.

I hope you find help Brandon but please get out of the streets with the same story. Before I knew that he had struggles with mental stuff I was fully ready to come at him hard for scamming me and others at the place I used to work but as is with most things like this there is always more to the situation.


bookoocash t1_jeanu9d wrote

Everytime he comes up to me I’m just like “Stinkum, your boyfriend’s car got towed AGAIN?” He usually acknowledges that I know what he’s about to say and moves along.


BagelIsACat t1_jeapc3q wrote

One time I wore a dress my husband thinks looks frumpy & he complimented it. I told my husband, “See, HE thinks it’s a cute dress!” And husband was like “….he literally compliments everyone, that does not count” lol


EdBenner t1_je9x44q wrote

He owes me $30 from the corner of Charles and n Ave last year lol


joscun86 t1_jecm5s5 wrote

I think he got me for $40 last year on Charles near Streets Market lol.. I never expected the money back though


Fun_Cardiologist4330 t1_jecmmr9 wrote

That’s exactly where I ran into him when he tried to ask me for $20. What got me was that he tried to say that he was also a teacher at the arts school, but he pointed in the wrong direction when he was talking about it. He also had a whole line his car getting towed or something like that.


Beneficial_Ranger925 t1_jeaiuir wrote

HOLY SHIT! I work on chase st un Mt Vernon and like 2 months ago he approached me. I didn't realize who he was. I was paying the meter at the Corner of Chase and Morton around 730 am and I saw him approaching from Charles st. I watched him from my peripheral vision and he reached out to touch my shoulder and I spun around on him. He jumped back and screamed, " Don't hit me, I'm a queen. " lol Then he went on to give me a story about how he needed money to get his car out of impound. I didn't give him anything and he was cordial and didn't get pushy. I just didn't realize who he was.


fire_foot t1_je9jazq wrote

I’m not familiar with him, is he just asking for money or will he get aggressive?


sit_down_man t1_je9joja wrote

Yea he’s just asking for money. His pitch is convoluted but he’s not abrasive.


bvzxh t1_je9ndgi wrote

I love the one where his boyfriends car got towed and he needs you to venmo him cab money to go get the car out of the impound lot. 😂


umyumflan t1_jeb9qqa wrote

Wait... THAT'S him?!? Omg the number of times I've gotten this story is wild.


the_moistest_yams t1_jebad31 wrote

Ummmmm… I think I met him last year in front of Metro Gallery doing the same thing…


TheGaussianMan t1_jea6bqh wrote

I still tell the story of when I met him. Was in station North, I'm on crutches with a friend and he walks up to us and goes, "you look like 2 nice white folks. Oh don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm a queen." I was fucking speechless especially when he said he was stinkum.


the_moistest_yams t1_jebi5rr wrote

I had the exact same interaction with him outside of Metro Gallery. He said “You look like you can handle yourself, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m a queen.” Had no idea that was Stinkum.


Due-Net-88 t1_jebj1t1 wrote

Ha! Just googled a photo and I guess I’ve met him too. My friends who have actually watched the show will be mildly interested to hear this.


BEEmmeupscotty69 t1_jecv9y8 wrote

I’ve literally had that exact same interaction on Biddle street. Wild


TheGaussianMan t1_jed6d9s wrote

If you live in baltimore long enough it'll happen to you too. It's like jury duty.


rowan1981 t1_jeb3e3n wrote

Hes been pulling that for 11 years! I just tried to google him and see what he looked like( i never watched the show) and one of the first results was a reddit post from 11 years ago!


pickup_thesoap t1_je9ulee wrote

I'd pay for a picture with Stinkum!


dablya t1_jebmqkz wrote

Seriously, I'm jealous of all these stories.


VonGnar666 t1_je9uod6 wrote

I met this dude! He pulled the “car got towed” and showed me the pic of him and Nicole Kidman, told me he went to Juliard. I didnt have cash or cash app so I couldn’t help him and I suppose I’m glad now. Thank you for the heads up!


Petunio t1_jeapbsi wrote

I keep up with all the latest grifts at this subreddit tho.


samronreddit t1_jeb2tb3 wrote

i didn’t realize this was him!!! he had the most confusing reason for wanting money - something like he doesn’t have transport and he needs lyft money, but i was like if your phone works then you’re able to contact friends? also if i venmoed you, you wouldn’t be able to use it for a day? so i didn’t give him anything, but he approached me three more times with the same story when i still lived over there


chalks777 t1_jeadzg4 wrote

oh, I gave this dude a ride a month or two ago. He gave me exactly the spiel you described. He was friendly enough, seemed down on his luck, and seemed generally harmless. I would have given him cash if I had some. Still would.

I don't think it's fair calling this a scam. He's asking for help. Does he need it? Maybe not. Is he taking advantage of people who are nice? Maybe. But like... okay? I don't mind giving someone a ride or a few bucks. If I did I wouldn't have said yes.


mibfto t1_jebavfw wrote

>I don't think it's fair calling this a scam. He's asking for help. Does he need it? Maybe not. Is he taking advantage of people who are nice? Maybe.

That.... is a scam.


chalks777 t1_jeblsr7 wrote

I mean... I guess. Most people don't call people begging for money scammers though. I don't see how this is any different.


Farts4jyf t1_jec3ezy wrote

Wow…this dude has been at it with that story for SO DAMN LONG. First time he tried that on me was in 2012.


katastatik t1_jeb0q8j wrote

That guy is a dick. He tried to get money from me again the other day and I told him he already owed me $20 so he just walked away.


quercusshumardii t1_jecfl2f wrote

I got scammed by this guy hard when I lived in station north by the Charles theatre. He said he needed cab money and would pay me back. He never did but didn’t recognize me and approached me 3 months later. I yelled “you owe me 40 bucks you fucker!” and he bolted. Never saw him after that.


DisentangledElm t1_jebcrsm wrote

Are there other Wire actors that still frequent Baltimore? I swear I saw Chris Partlow's actor, Gbenga Akinnagbe, at one point this year.


onlythehappiests t1_jebqwsc wrote

I used to see Sonja Sohn around from time to time, and she’s done a few projects around here recently.


speebo t1_jebtanz wrote

I saw Lester freeman’s actor in Charles village a few years ago. A friend told me he has a house around there still, but only stays there a few month out of the year. No idea if that is accurate


yerfondofmebiscuits t1_jecldlf wrote

i worked with a guy who was an extra on the show once lol. he played a corner man. he said he had no lines but the camera sits on him for a second or two. i forget which episode now it was ages ago when i briefly worked with him.

i've also been working in the city or close to it in some capacity since 99 so i am quite sure i saw some of the actors but i had no clue about any of that stuff so it would have just been another random person i'd see out and about to me.


Krljcbs t1_jebk7cx wrote

Lol he's always getting smokers outside of bars in Mt Vernon too


kevinbuso t1_jecyc2b wrote

This happened to me THIS MORNING. Im so relieved we didn’t give him anything.

Will edit with deets tomorrow but it went down exactly how you all have experienced.


Previous-Cook t1_jecb366 wrote

Who tf cares, seriously? Big tattle tale energy


[deleted] t1_je9zvn5 wrote



BagelIsACat t1_jea4ug2 wrote

Agreed that it’s annoying & harmless - I think OP used “scam” over “beg” because it’s never just a straight up ask for money, it always comes with an attached fake story about how he was at Gallery Bar (which he’s changed now to Royal Blue) & his boyfriends car got towed. I’ve lived in Station North for 15 years and have encountered him many times & it’s always the same story.


SpacecaseCat t1_jeb809y wrote

I live in Chicago now and it reminds me of a guy I see on the train sometimes. He always starts his spiel with "3 days homeless!" and it's like, dude, we all ride the same train and see you all the time.


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Optimus_RE t1_jeb1i62 wrote

People standing on a corner asking cars for money isn't quite the scam, nor is standing outside a store. When you're actively walking up and down a street with a bs story and stripping people of 10-20 dollars and acting like a completely normal person, yeah that's more of a scam.


EthanSayfo t1_jead9mu wrote

It sounds like low-level grifting, not begging.


SpacemanSpiff__ t1_jea6ale wrote

Poor people beg. This guy was on tv and met a movie star once, so that means he's rich and rich people don't beg, they scam.

seriously though, imagine posting this and thinking "I'm helping!". jfc


JonWilso t1_jeac8gb wrote

Making up a false story on why you need money immediately is literally the definition of a scam. It's dishonest.