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Wolfman3 t1_jd8ji62 wrote

  • Foreman Wolf restaurant group is preparing to launch a new concept in the former Cafe Hon space on The Avenue

  • An all-outdoor restaurant in the backyard of a former parsonage (at 3601 Hickory Avenue, behind the former historic Grace United Methodist Church building on The Avenue).

  • A wine bar in a converted Falls Road garage, as long as the owner and the neighbors can get on the same page.

  • Asian Taste is relocating to the former Treehouse Cafe and Juice Bar.

  • A new bar serving sangria, tapas and dessert is planned for the former 13.5% Wine Bar and Bar Fusion space on The Avenue.

  • A hotel above Good Neighbor on Falls Road is opening this summer, Chopra said. Guesthouse at Good Neighbor will feature seven rooms decorated in the same modern Japanese/Scandinavian-inspired design as the coffee shop and homewares store. A full outdoor kitchen is in the works, too, offering a lunch and dinner menu as well as cocktails.

  • Steakhouse Medium Rare seems closer to arriving in Hampden’s Rotunda soon

  • Warehouse Cinemas, is set to open within a few weeks in the former CineBistro space, according to a Facebook post.

  • Urban Oyster has submitted an application for a liquor license.

  • Catalog Coffee should launch sometime this summer.


physicallyatherapist t1_jd8maug wrote

Businesses leaving:

  •  Ceremony Coffee (in Whitehall Market)

  • FireFly Farms (in Whitehall Market)

  • The Five and Dime Ale House


YoYoMoMa t1_jd8su1k wrote

Those mills are such a pain in the ass to get to by anything but car (and even then...)


TYMATO t1_jd9db41 wrote

I know it's technically impossible, but there just needs to be sidewalks. I live closer to ceremony than to Common Ground, but I ended up going to common ground because I could walk there.


SaveFailsafe t1_jdb3tlc wrote

It's not impossible not even close. It's just not anywhere close to a priority for this city, which can't even make the sidewalks it already has ADA compliant. New sidewalks? Forget about it.

They could at least clear the brush, but they don't. There is actually space for a shoulder but it's completely overgrown.


YoYoMoMa t1_jd9ioxy wrote

Seems like some sort of elevated walkway would be possible sine the one side is so high.


idriveahyundai t1_jd8u2s6 wrote

this makes me really sad, firefly and ceremony were some of my favorite spots in the mill


EthanSayfo t1_jd92la3 wrote

I just discovered them recently, dang it.

Oh well. The only constant is change, as they say.

I'm glad that The Wine Source carries Ceremony, but sometimes they are out of fresher bags, and it takes me a while to go through them, so I don't buy them if they were roasted more than 7-10 days previously.


picolin t1_jddn0ah wrote

I am very sad about firefly, their wines and beers were legit. Loved going there to get some work done with someone while drinking a bottle of good wine.


iaspeegizzydeefrent t1_jde6up7 wrote

Five and Dime was absolute garbage the last time I went toward the end of last year. Not surprised to see them go.


flobbley t1_jd8k6u4 wrote

I'm just mad the Lunchbox apparently closed. Yeah it was kind of gross and sometimes the waitress completely forgot about me but you could get a whole breakfast for like five bucks


6flightsup t1_jd93ob3 wrote

I read that the lunchbox was closed by the inspector for unsanitary conditions and repeated violations. I think it was in the email OP’s article was in. Maybe they will spiff ‘er up a bit and reopen?


AreWeCowabunga t1_jd8onmc wrote

Damn, sorry to hear it's gone. I used to go there when I lived in the area but had forgotten it existed.


elcad t1_jd9i3rr wrote

Glad to hear about Asian Taste. I've been missing my Yak fix.


Dr_ChimRichalds t1_jdayrnu wrote

> Urban Oyster has submitted an application for a liquor license.

It's still wild to me that another oyster bar is opening within shouting distance of the best oyster spot in the city.


nemoran t1_jdc8jjz wrote

I’ve heard they’re also going to do crabs, which has been a Hampden blindspot for a while.


TitsMageesVacation t1_jdalneq wrote

I was excited for Medium Rare, but thought they were going into the theatre space. Then the news the theatre was returning…

And can someone tell me how an all outdoor restaurant works? Do they only open when the chance of rain is below 40%? Do they chain up the furniture every night, or just let the Hampden zombies camp on it all night?


Ghant_ t1_jdann4b wrote

Glad Asian Taste is coming back!


testerowpqlq t1_jdaz9xe wrote

Last I checked the wine bar you mentioned did not have the cooperation of the neighbors. Did that change?


26thandsouth t1_jddbg5d wrote

Thank you! (Garbage ass paywalled article from The Banner....)

Also, re Cinebistro: Really glad they went through all that effort, money, and construction to open a cartoonishly expensive and gaudy looking movie theater that lasted maybe 3.5 years LOL. Good fucking riddance.