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soph_lurk_2018 t1_jd2fdg4 wrote

Pay day loans are illegal in Maryland so there really isn’t anywhere to go for a legitimate pay day loan.


jabbadarth t1_jd2ihc2 wrote

That's not technically true.

MD just restricts the amount of interest a payday loan company can apply. For a loan up to $1000 the max is 24% or 2%/month. It changes as the loan amount increases.,Payday%20lending%20status%20in%20Maryland%3A%20Prohibited,their%20typical%20triple%2Ddigit%20APRs.


guest0112 t1_jd2vpb8 wrote

Insert tribal loans. Which, if I had to guess, is what OP found. Tribal loan company with an “official” sounding name “Great American Financials” or “American River Loans” (hypothetical examples)


jabbadarth t1_jd2y9ky wrote

Yeah online seems to be exempt as they are located outside of the state.


guest0112 t1_jd30328 wrote

Looks like we found the first easy bill Wes Moore could accomplish that should make both Dems and republicans happy


soph_lurk_2018 t1_jd37rug wrote

Yes but the reality is most pay day loans have usurious interest rates so it makes their business scheme illegal.