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PleaseBmoreCharming t1_jdnl0fz wrote

Thank you for the rational reply with more information. The sheer mass panic that is expressed over the past day or so on here is a bit much, although skepticism and the desire for more information is indeed warranted. Let's ask more questions and get to the bottom whether this is indeed safe. I can't see the EPA making this decision and risking ANOTHER ecological disaster that has the potential to impact a major metro area and the largest estuary in the United States.


bryan_jenkins t1_jdnoulk wrote

You can't?


PleaseBmoreCharming t1_jdnp49i wrote

No, I can't.


EthanSayfo t1_jdohp7s wrote

The EPA was eviscerated during the Trump admin, and was literally turned into an anti-environmental regulation agency.

It's not as easy to put something back together as it is to break it. We have no real reason to trust the viability of the EPA in carrying out its mission at this point.


jabbadarth t1_jdnt7a6 wrote

Doesn't help that one of the articles was titled "Ohio wastewater is coming to baltimore". While that's technically true it made it sound like it was flowing in a river or leaching into groundwater.

How hard would it have been to say Ohio wastewater being shipped to Baltimore for treatment.