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megalomike t1_jdnuhdi wrote

And your line of thinking is what - the EPA doesnt know what the back river plant's capacities are and didnt check?


jabbadarth t1_jdnvipz wrote

My line of thinking is that I want this process to be transparent and I want them to have backup plans in place.

If this were a few years ago I would, perhaps naively, be more laid back about it but based on the multitude of failures in our wastewater treatment over the last few years I have less trust in them to manage this process in a safe way.

I dont think the sky is falling and I assume that smarter people than me have a plan to get this done right but given our track record I want those plans made public and I want multiple experts in the field to back up those plans and our systems capabilities before we start dumping dangerous chemicals into our fragile ecosystem.


megalomike t1_jdnwg3z wrote

I personally am tired of every karen on earth demanding that every element of society from school curricula to vaccine development to processing wastewater privilege their feelings. Theres a difference between wanting robust safety systems and demanding the passengers have an equal right to fly the plane.