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Animanialmanac OP t1_jd65s88 wrote

My understanding is that the charges won’t prevent her from being a police officer again, only if she is convicted. The city hasn’t convicted a police officer in a long time. Ms. Mosby charged several officers, including one sergeant from my area in Southwest Baltimore but then she dismissed all the charges after the publicity died down. Another officer from this area was charged with causing an accident, the news reports said he was drinking, his charges were dismissed by Baltimore County. I would see him in his car in the 7-11 parking lot looking high and drunk.

Years ago my daughter was sexually harassed by a group of police officers, we learned in mediation two of the officers were charged with sexual harassment at their previous jobs, one was let go because of his behavior toward young girls. The Baltimore police still hired them both because they weren’t convicted of the crimes. It’s a shame so many people with ill intentions come to Baltimore to be police. I believe the lack of discipline over the years encouraged bad people to join the police department.