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Vjornaxx t1_jd6i4av wrote

Police officers can carry without a Maryland Wear and Carry Permit per the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act. Most officers don’t bother with a WCP since they can carry anywhere through LEOSA. However, if their LE powers are suspended or revoked for any reason, they may no longer carry under LEOSA.

If the officer is found guilty of a wear/carry handgun violation, then that would be a disqualifying crime for possession of a firearm in Maryland. If the officer is found guilty of possession of a sufficient quantity of cannabis to show intent to distribute and/or proven to be a habitual user, then that would also be a disqualifying crime. Either conviction would make them ineligible to be a police officer in the state of Maryland.

This was a series of extremely poor decisions that will not only ruin their career, but will also ruin trust.