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PleaseBmoreCharming t1_jc0i0df wrote

Alternative Idea:

  • Eliminate the parking lot at Latrobe Park and make that community garden instead. That's supposed to be a neighborhood park, right? Why would you need to drive there and need dedicated parking?


  • Find some other space in Latrobe Park to covert to a community garden.

elephantsandrainbows OP t1_jc1sczv wrote

The lot is needed for those with disabilities to be able to access the park / maintenance / things like that

We are actively searching for alternatives and finding none! LP is very developed.


One-Seaworthiness-28 t1_jcbfmkn wrote

Which Latrobe Park parking lot are you talking about? The one over by Banner Fields was forced on Locust Point through Under Armour's seizure of the land. Nobody in Locust Point was asked or consulted for that one even though that space was an obviously choice for a community garden. The parking lot on the other side by the school was requested and encouraged by Matt Farkosky, then President of the Locust Point Civic Association, to be built and donated by Walker28. Matt's wife is the kindergarten teacher at Francis Scott Key Elementary and the couple thought additional impervious surface in the park would be a great for the teachers to park on if their school lot was full, never mind the destruction of public park property. The LPCA is the organization that is currently furious with UA for selling the UA owned Haubert Street property. What goes around comes around.