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yeaughourdt t1_jc2hcuh wrote

What is it with corrupt politicians and Florida? This dude down there with Jair Bolsonaro and Trump just pretending like Florida is its own country with no extradition treaties.


lovelyrita202 t1_jc2la6n wrote

Florida property seizure laws, apparently. First thing a bankruptcy lawyer advises is “buy the biggest house in Florida that you can.”

In short, they can get you but they can’t take everything from you.


lovelyrita202 t1_jc333kd wrote

PS. I believe this to be a chapter in the origin story of Florida man. But that’s another story for another thread.


Ocean2731 t1_jc3ejyt wrote

Hogan was raised in Florida. His mother moved there with her two sons after divorcing her husband due to adultery. Hogan’s father campaigned for the PG County Executive with his pregnant mistress accompanying him. He somehow was endorsed by the Knights of Columbus despite the pregnant mistress.

Source: I am old and grew up in PG.


sxswnxnw OP t1_jc2cr5f wrote

From the article:

"McGrath, who now lives in Florida, was due in U.S. District Court in Baltimore at 9 a.m. The appointed time came and went with no sign of him. As of 10 a.m., he had not appeared.

“We all just hope he is safe and there’s some mix-up,” said Judge Deborah L. Boardman. She paused before continuing: “And I suppose we just wait.”

Prosecutors and McGrath’s defense attorney, Joseph Murtha, were present and ready to proceed. Murtha told the judge he sent repeated text messages to McGrath and McGrath’s wife and had received no response."


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_jc2qyrx wrote

Lmao “safe and some kind of mixup”, so republican judge who has no intention of doing their job.

How often do you think they say that when it’s some black kid framed by the cops?


fboyisland t1_jc312oq wrote

This comment is dumb af. Judge Boardman is a former public defender who made her career defending “black kids framed by the cops.” Also she was just expressing a hope that the defendant hadn’t killed himself which is an appropriate thing for a judge to say


TastesLike762 t1_jc3vbd2 wrote

> no intention of doing her job

An arrest warrant was issued …

I’m not sure what else you expected to happen right now. That’s literally the only thing to do.

Like honestly tell me you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about without telling me you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about


smallteam t1_jc3vyfq wrote

> Lmao “safe and some kind of mixup”, so republican judge who has no intention of doing their job.

Deborah Boardman was appointed by Biden in 2021, and 48 Republican senators voted against her appointment.


AngryGayZionist t1_jc2st2a wrote

Trick question. He wouldn't have been out on bail in the first place.


frolicndetour t1_jc46w7n wrote

The judge issued a warrant for his arrest. Do you want her patrolling the streets for him?


Budget_Quantity3476 t1_jc49ilf wrote

Lol you used the word “baltimore” and “republican” in the same sentence… the epitome of an oxymoron


megalomike t1_jc37u8s wrote

the lack of urgency on this is a little troubling. very good chance he killed his wife and himself.


Dontaskmeaboutnam t1_jc3au2d wrote

Na, he’s half way to the Yucatan Peninsula by now. He’ll be smoking trees in Belize when they find him.


megalomike t1_jc3b07i wrote

had to surrender his passport while on bail


sxswnxnw OP t1_jc3yapr wrote

Maybe he had someone make him a fake passport.

But yeah, maybe he is hiding in some rural area with a mustache, trench coat, some sunglasses on.


jabbadarth t1_jc3zlin wrote

I just read, and hadn't heard this before, thay his wife is likely culpable in some parts of his theft/embezzlement/fraud from before they were married but they married when the investigation started which gave her spousal immunity.

Sounds like she's just as much of a scumbag as he is.


FriedScrapple t1_jc477hj wrote

On the lam together! Sexy!


tealparadise t1_jc4mhce wrote

I do love it when people do something openly villainous. Like McMahon writing a backdoor clause into the WWE bylaws that makes it impossible to remove him.


todareistobmore t1_jc5bcnj wrote

The court and reporter are in MD, the defendant lives in Florida. How urgently this is or isn't being treated likely isn't something the Banner is privy to.


No-Lunch4249 t1_jc6c9j2 wrote

Yeah there is no version of there where there weren’t federal Marshals breaking down his door within an hour or two of the no-show


FriedScrapple t1_jc6kgs6 wrote

They did and he wasn’t there!


No-Lunch4249 t1_jc6kt3j wrote


But the thread I was replying to seemed to be saying they weren’t even looking for him


cologne_peddler t1_jc4gpr8 wrote

Tagential, but does the Baltimore Banner pay by the word?

>The area around McGrath’s Raffia Preserve home in Naples is quiet, a gated community off a main road that features new-build strip malls with restaurants such as Five Guys and Dunkin’ Donuts. Inside the community, the exterior of McGrath’s house was quiet, with no police presence.

>A large, wood-paneled courtroom was set for the trial. Clipboards with jury questionnaire answer sheets were set out at dozens of auditorium-style seats.


yoric t1_jc6obos wrote

I doubt they pay by the word. There have been other comments on here about the vivid writing at the Banner -- I don't subscribe and cannot comment on anything other than what's been quoted on reddit, but what I've seen is indicative of a more narrative style of writing. It's a choice one might not expect from a news organization, but that doesn't make it wrong.


Quiet_Meaning5874 t1_jc4lz58 wrote

Wasn’t this guy a powerhouse for decades or some shit?

Why not just plead it out and pay some hefty fines the accused crimes pretty minor and nobody cares


FriedScrapple t1_jc4ori3 wrote

They’re felonies, his career is fucked.


No-Lunch4249 t1_jc6cec4 wrote

Well there was that one lobbyist Bruce Bariano (sp?) who went to federal prison for mail fraud and came back and picked up right where he left off lol


BmoreBr0 t1_jc6et0y wrote

Yup, and he is now one of, if not the most highly paid lobbyist in Annapolis. And he is not the only one to have done time, seems like it is honestly a career builder at this point.


Quiet_Meaning5874 t1_jc4ovrz wrote

Right but could prob avoid jail time. Just retire and kick it smh


FriedScrapple t1_jc4pckr wrote

He’ll lose his pension and have to pay his lawyers, not much left. He and the wife will probably turn up in Mexico in mustaches and sombreros.


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