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friscosoa t1_jdr72br wrote

You’re not sneaky. We know you’re becoming a superhero


RannyRd t1_jdqm7rk wrote

App called Scanner Radio. Free. Easy. Any dept in the country.


Tecumseh119 t1_jdqoomi wrote

5-0 Radio Pro scanner App, does pretty well. Has options or searches for all over the country. Been using it a few years lining in the city. I’ve read that some police bands are being put on channels that aren’t available to the public somehow.. So there’s that..


Dylan552 t1_jdqi7pt wrote

Follow up question is there an easy way to listen only to certain districts?


chasingtime9 t1_jdqm1ci wrote

You can buy a scanner, such as the Uniden SDS100. It’s costly ($650) but you can listen to whatever you want that’s not encrypted or out of range. Unfortunately, modern digital radio systems require expensive hardware to listen in. For perspective, the actual radios on the system are $5-7k


RagingBuddhist59 t1_jdux1os wrote

Scanner 5-0 app. It's free but pay the $5 and go pro. Easy interface and ability to store favorites all over the country.