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Katze-der-Kanale t1_jc8drsm wrote

I’d bet the kids would prefer six flags over an educational/sightseeing trip. I’d be wary of changing that, especially if they know it’s usually six flags.


itsjustmattguys t1_jc8psf2 wrote


My 8th grade field trip was to Medieval Times but all the years prior was six flags. About 20 kids showed up out of 150+ bc most of us would rather not go at all if we couldn't go to six flags.

The next year it went back to six flags.


Cat_Toucher t1_jc8v9my wrote

Were you in eighth grade in BCPS circa 2005? Because I was and apparently the county had some kinda panic about their liability insurance that year, so all the good field trips that everyone had been promised (we were supposed to go to Hershey) got cancelled last minute and they hastily slapped together some kind of much worse consolation field trip (ours was to a weird pool, that we had to share with another middle school because they had already booked it, and, arguably, nearly as risky as an amusement park, liability wise)

And like you, subsequent years went back to Hershey


Timid_Teacher t1_jc8jim7 wrote

Yeah, I totally see that. I just wanted to get a feel for what the options were.


Cat_Toucher t1_jc8umq0 wrote

Yes! I'm still salty that my school changed our big year end trip from Hershey Park to some halfassed pool day that we had to share with another school, and that was 2005, so


amenefee t1_jc8cgow wrote

Watermark cruises has a deal with the national aquarium. Morning at the aquarium, lunch, and a tour of Baltimore from the water.


Lgsc2011 t1_jc8gn6m wrote

Would they like outdoor ropes courses? Check out North Bay or Echo Hill Outdoor School.


Timid_Teacher t1_jc8jcv5 wrote

Yeah, we did Genesee Valley in September, so probably don’t want to do the same type thing again.


superdreamcast64 t1_jca845n wrote

dude i LOVED North Bay in middle school. i still remember some of the songs they sang there!


Original_Mammoth3868 t1_jc8cfhh wrote

Spy Museum in DC? It's pretty interactive and fun.


PleaseBmoreCharming t1_jc8cps8 wrote

No way they're getting to L'Enfant Plaza in 1 hour.


Original_Mammoth3868 t1_jc8dn0b wrote

I figured if Six Flags was in range, then going into the city wasn't that much further. Depends on the time of the day and where they're coming from.


Timid_Teacher t1_jc8jqiy wrote

I’m sure they’d love it, but it probably is really far, especially with traffic. We have to go on buses and we go beyond the school day.


cam_m151 t1_jc8uhck wrote

Sounds like you made up your mind Six Flags

Best school trip we did was a tour of the freedom trail in Baltimore. Went to a historic black church and saw the underground railway in the wall.

Toured Baltimore from the African American historical experience and then ended at the Inner Harbor. Fascinating way to see Baltimore


Timid_Teacher t1_jc9wfpc wrote

I haven't made up my mind yet. I wanted to hear others' ideas. I would love a lot of these ideas if I was in fifth grade, but I am just concerned my 5th graders wouldn't find it quite as scintillating. They are a tough group to please, so I want to make sure we don't have further behavior issues.


cam_m151 t1_jca2lor wrote

You are making my point. Have fun at Six Flags


TeachGullible t1_jcafw5u wrote

Right? Let the kids have unstructured fun. It's not for the teachers, it's for the kids.


TheSceptikal t1_jc8hryx wrote

Damn, they get to go to Six Flags? When I was in elementary school all we did was go to the BSO.


Timid_Teacher t1_jc8j7r3 wrote

Yep, I work at one of the good schools in the city, so we go all out.


TeachGullible t1_jca7ocq wrote

Yo go all out so you're denying a trip for 10 year olds to Six Flags? Something isn't adding up.


Timid_Teacher t1_jcaexv3 wrote

I didn’t say I was denying them a trip to Six Flags. I just wanted to see all my options. You don’t have to be rude.


samogi t1_jc8k8ps wrote

Have you asked the kids for input? They’ll know what will excite them :)


[deleted] OP t1_jc8brgv wrote



Timid_Teacher t1_jc8k7pt wrote

Looks super cool, but we did Genesee Valley at the beginning of the year, so it might be a bit too similar.


megalomike t1_jca2gnm wrote

if i was 11 and i knew my school usually went to six flags every year and all the sudden i have to go to professor egghead's funducational boredom town i would literally riot.


TeachGullible t1_jcagb4z wrote

Right? This is so out of touch. Kids want to go to six flags but can you give me an idea that's fun for me instead?


Timid_Teacher t1_jcbkgs1 wrote

I didn’t even say that. I was just looking for other ideas. We’re probably going to ultimately pick Six Flags anyway.


TeachGullible t1_jcbkxfb wrote

Literally at the bottom of your post you comment about wanting to go see a telescope and looking into that as an alternative. The kids don't want an alternative, they want Six Flags. Stop being selfish.


jfal93 t1_jc8fsel wrote

The Philip Merrill Environmental center is amazing, I went twice in high school and they had so many cool aquatic activities


agciv24 t1_jc8hjlr wrote

Spy Museum for sure was one of the coolest ones I went on


EthanSayfo t1_jc9e76g wrote

The spy gear butt capsules may have been my favorite element.


lovelyrita202 t1_jc8jaag wrote

Terrapin adventures?


Timid_Teacher t1_jc8kg9f wrote

I’ve heard that is awesome, but we did Genesee Valley at the beginning of the year. I think they’re pretty similar.


citizenkrang t1_jc8tlal wrote

I wonder if the Space Telescope Science Institute (home of the Webb telescope and located in town) does tours.


Timid_Teacher t1_jc9wriz wrote

I've wanted to go see that forever. I might look into that. Thanks for the idea!


Otto_Von_Bisquick t1_jca6oo6 wrote

Canam Steel might do tours Kids can watch welding and steel forging. and the C&O is right there for lunch

Similarly the consol marine terminal might have a kids program where you can go look at the giant rail based coal shovel. Port of Baltimore is right there with big cranes and the giant salt piles from Mortons and all the trains.

Bethlehem was always a cool visit. Hopefully once steel is back up and running in tradepoint they will let the kids visit. Watching poured metal is special.


sxswnxnw t1_jc8b0xn wrote

Could be fun to go drive over the Bay Bridge and visit state government in Annapolis. Driving over the bridge they will either be scared straight or thrilled. Then they can say they have been to the Eastern Shore if they haven't already.


JennS1234 t1_jc8v975 wrote

Annapolis is not over the Bay Bridge


sxswnxnw t1_jc933bk wrote

I know... I'm saying do one thing plus do something else, not necessarily in the order listed. The bridge is literally right there, but it would not be exactly educational (or interesting frankly) to drive some kids over a bridge and back. Let me reword this:

Could be fun to go visit state government in Annapolis and while you're out that way, drive over the Bay Bridge. Driving over the bridge, they will either be scared straight or thrilled. Then they can say they have been to the Eastern Shore if they haven't already.