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Good200000 t1_isvu3ou wrote

Time for a catalytic cage


epicwinguy101 t1_isw7tbz wrote

They don't really help. A few extra seconds to remove isn't much of a deterrent.


RighteousCookies t1_iswa8fo wrote

That's 100% what our insurance adjuster told us. They're a waste of time and money, plus once you have a converter stolen they will keep coming back if you park it in the same area. He told us he's had quite a few people in the area have their catalytic converters stolen a couple of times.


BlarghMachine t1_isz13y4 wrote

Cat protectors - namely cat shield for the gen 2 Prius - in my experience deter theft pretty well for the price. Cages don’t work bc they’re easier/faster to cut. A sheet of metal bolted in would require lots of sawing to get to the cat, more to cut it out. Takes too much time when they can just pick an easier target/ not get a bunch of sparks flying in their (likely unprotected) face.


neofresh t1_isw9wjx wrote

Cat cages are a deterrent. The cages is harder metal, generally harder than the circular blade the thieves are using. The thieve will move on to the softer target.


iamculby t1_iswd0or wrote

More than a few seconds, and the thieves are looking for convenience and speed. There are lots of with cats they could take. If they look under a car and see a shield, they’re going to find another car that’s easier to remove and doesn’t leave them in a vulnerable position doing something loud and obviously illegal for any longer than they have to. If someone was really committed to getting your exact cat they will get it shield or not, but most thieves are risk averse and would rather just try a different car


sciencesold t1_isydudk wrote

Depends on how they're made and attached. Something that just surrounds the cat and made of hardware store rebar? Not that effective but still a deterrent. Now if the cage itself is attached to the cat at a bunch of points, then attached to the car at an equal number of points, that can be pretty effective. Even better if it's made from something other than hardware store rebar.

Best bet is a literal box around the cat made of sheet steel, the thicker the better. They're likely using a sawzall, which will take multiple blades and a significant amount of time to get the cat out.