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Ihanad t1_isxnl5l wrote

How is one aware that it is missing? Debris next to car or maybe car sounds unusual? Thanks


jwalker3181 t1_isycvnz wrote

When they cut it out, the cut is before the mufflers so it's very loud.


sciencesold t1_isyeqrz wrote

Your car goes from the normal fairly quiet engine noise to incredibly fucking loud.


Ihanad t1_isyg0lx wrote

Thanks, seems like not gonna' miss that.🙂


sciencesold t1_isyg65u wrote

Yeah, I've had my exauhast break mid drive due to rust, it's really obvious.


superdreamcast64 t1_isydpd0 wrote

car sounds insane. it goes from being perfectly quiet to this extremely noisy lawnmower-esque sound. you’ll know if your cat got stolen as soon as you start it up