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Mountain_Flow7759 t1_ituggxc wrote

I saw him in the harbor a few years ago! A little while later, him and his friend were on Ellen. They were wholesome


jgupdogg t1_ituvvhz wrote

Just saw this dude TEARING IT UP at Under armor.
He dropped his stick and I thought it was over but the guy didn't miss a beat!


TheCaptainDamnIt t1_itv0ovb wrote

Fantastic! Every parade I get reminded how great our local marching bands are.


TweedleBeetleBattle2 t1_itv2oiz wrote

I’ve seen him on Ellen. He’s got such a pretty smile, dumb thing to remember but that’s what I remember. He’s crazy talented! Hope he’s still friends with the other guy who was with him.


Chhet t1_itvtavf wrote

Nick Canon has been very quiet since this dropped… 🤔