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KindBag1398 OP t1_iu5e09d wrote

I found these in my front plants while I was gardening so I don't know how long they've been there. They are attached to a carbineer - please let me know what color it is so I know they're yours.

I hope you weren't robbed, but if you were, tell me what day/time and we can check our house camera for you.


fordprefect294 t1_iu5huvw wrote

Should make that ownership check more difficult. Soon. Don't ask the color, ask what is attached to them.


KindBag1398 OP t1_iu5j3b7 wrote

It's fairly unique so I think it will be fine. Thank you for your feedback.


fordprefect294 t1_iu5xuk5 wrote

Stop providing additional information 🤦🏻‍♂️


KindBag1398 OP t1_iu5yiee wrote

I'm just on here trying to help my neighbor. I'm confident that no imaginary person who wants to trick me into giving them these keys will guess it. Please stop being rude and let me know if you have anything legitimately helpful to add to the discussion.


B0skonovitch t1_iu6nbja wrote

Walk around and try out the fob. Find the car, hit the panic button and see if someone shows up. Could be fun 😅


stoolsample2 t1_iu99xg5 wrote

Could be an episode of How I met your mother…. Or not


fordprefect294 t1_iu5yqef wrote

I'm not trying to be rude. People can be assholes and try to steal keys. Just trying to encourage you to not make it any easier


Terrible_Check3447 t1_iu7brcq wrote

There's a honda key a Nissan key 3 master lock keys mailbox key and 2 house keys there blue.


firecartier t1_iu5kokt wrote

walk around, hold the emergency button, leave a note on the windshield


KindBag1398 OP t1_iu5oiby wrote

Already did that and never found a car, but thank you.


noahsense t1_iu5ukzu wrote

If that is an encoded key, which I think it is, you might be able to take it to a dealership where they can read the key and identify the owner. I’d call first to find out if that’s possible.


KindBag1398 OP t1_iu5vlr9 wrote

Thank you! I will try that out if I don't hear anything this weekend.


todareistobmore t1_iu65k46 wrote

Absolutely up to you, but if you're not confident these ended up in your garden in the last week or so, chances are the owner isn't counting on finding them anymore. Don't feel obliged to put much actual legwork into this if you don't want to.


Jawwaad127 t1_iu6dfga wrote

From the looks of them, they seem to have been lost for a long time. Seeing the rust on the key ring and how dirty the keys are leads me to believe they’ve been outside for awhile. Thanks for being a great citizen and trying to return them.


nator1270 t1_iu7bti1 wrote

It’s a fairly new Honda. I have a 2019 Pilot and the fob looks the same