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Hi r/baltimore!

Anyone have any recommendations for a good happy hour in Hampden on a Monday night? I've lived in Hampden for a bit but I'm a major homebody so I haven't really explored happy hours in the neighborhood. I love a good bar that I can sit at for a while with a book and relax. I'm big on good cocktails (been to Bluebird several times) but also love a good beer. Would love to hear suggestions that I can explore tonight!

Also - open to suggestions for other nights of the week as well. I just know some places are closed on Monday! TIA :)



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MiseALepreuve t1_isolxja wrote

Hampden is super dead on Mondays. It’s pretty much just industry night at Holy Frijoles or Frazier’s, though a few other places like Arthouse are open, but I’m unaware of HH specials.


brocialism t1_isonqw8 wrote

I will drink $5 figgy pops at Rocket to Venus all day long (until 6:30 pm).

Dylan's has happy hour specials.

La Cuchara also has a pretty good happy hour.


brocialism t1_isonx4a wrote

And how could I forget! Blue Pit is my favorite happy hour spot (along with pre-Covid Paulie Gee's back bar happy hour, but they're not open on Mondays, and I'm not sure if HH is back yet because I am also a homebody).


break_your_teeth OP t1_isos86z wrote

thank you! i live super close to rocket so i’ll have to check out the figgy pops :)


ashalottagreyjoy t1_isoqwsq wrote

The best happy hour in the city used to be La Cuchara. Covid effectively killed that.

But the best now I would say is Dutch Courage.

You’ll find a great cocktail there, a very chill vibe where you won’t get constantly bothered, and very cheap drinks during their usual HH. The bartenders make a daily cocktail that is $7, and there’s a daily G&T special for $7, as well.

Great spot!

Edited to add: also consider 29th Street Tavern for a great spot with good beer selection and a chill place to read a book! Their HH special is a $7.50 burger and fries on Monday. :)

Neither of these are Hampden - Remington, but close.


munchnerk t1_isparuk wrote

rip La Cuchara happy hour :'( their food is still the bomb, but wow, that was a fever dream of a deal.


break_your_teeth OP t1_isos4kn wrote

thanks!! i’ve been to remington a bunch for greedy reads but haven’t explored much of the restaurant scene there


BusFeisty4940 t1_isq4hef wrote

Marg Monday at holy frijoles! $7 liter margs or $3 regular margs. You can get any of the house flavors for that price.


Shiny_Deleter t1_isoku0c wrote

Nepenthe has good beer, food, and cocktails, but is closed on Mondays. They do a happy hour Tu-Th, though.


break_your_teeth OP t1_isom44z wrote

thanks! i’ve been there once with some friends on the weekend but will have to check out their weekday hhs!


soph_lurk_2018 t1_isp4ojq wrote

Avenue Kitchen and Bar has $10 burgers, $6 bourbon and $4 drafts on Monday nights.


WhiskeyDickCheney t1_isoy4tj wrote

Full Tilt Brewing is just a short drive or ride north. They're open on Mondays and usually pretty quiet.


ninja_natalia t1_ispmkit wrote

Art House has good Monday happy hour specials.


Warm-Common7950 t1_it63rx8 wrote

Frazier’s has half price wings and free pool on Monday.