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A bro and I have set out on a quest to answer an extremely important question:

Who makes the absolute best wings in Baltimore?

We will judge each buffalo/hot wing order on a 5 point scale (average of the two reviewers) on the following parameters:

Appearance: Size, quality, and consistency of the wings
Taste: Overall deliciousness, heat to expectations
Sauce: Consistency, creaminess, acidity, flavor, quantity, attachment to wing
Crispiness: Crispy exterior, appropriately cooked meat pulling off the bone, not dry
Convenience/value: not weighted, used for tie-breaking
Restaurant: Look and feel of restaurant environment, not weighted, used for tie-breaking

3 locations added to this update:

EDIT: A buddy told me my formatting was no good and took it on himself to make this easier to digest.

Restaurant Appearance Taste Sauce Crispiness Convenience Restaurant **Overall**
Delia Foley 5 2.5 3 2.5 5 4 **13**
Magerks 4.5 3.5 3 4.25 5 4.5 **15.25**
Hudson St Stackhouse 4.75 4 4.25 3.5 5 3.75 **16.25**
Dont Know Tavern 4.5 4 5 5 5 5 **18.25**
iBar 4 5 5 4.5 5 4 **18.25**
Kisling 3 4 3.5 4 4 4 **13.25**
Nepenthe 4 3.75 4.5 3 4.5 4 **15.25**
Charles Village Pub 3.5 2 2 0 0 0 **7.5**

**Delia Foley**: Very disappointing. Not nearly enough heat, overcooked, some horribly dry. Great scene though.

**Magerks**: These were okay. Good consistency, okay taste, not enough sauce, could have used some more heat. Good crispiness. Good scene.

**Hudson Street Stackhouse**: Really good classic buffalo flavor. Good amount of heat in an appropriate amount of sauce. Could have been a little crispier. Super convenient and high value ($10 during happy hours) but a bit of a claustrophobic ceiling. Place still is great.

**Don't Know Tavern**: Damn good wings. Very good consistency, just right in size and quality. A little mild for a hot wing, but oh boy that sauce. Perfect creaminess from the butter, sticking to the wings, and enough acid to bite the back of your tongue. Perfectly crispy. I would be remiss to mention that on Mondays and Wednesdays an order of wings is $6. Which is almost unthinkable for the quality you are getting here.

**iBar**: Also damn good wings. A little bit of variability in the size and quality of the product. Had 2 broken flats in a single order. Perfect heat for an order of hot with great creaminess and attachment. Perfect amount of sauce with just the right bite. Ordered both regular and fried hard orders. Feel like the absolute perfect crispiness is somewhere in between the 2.

**Kisling**: I live near Kislings and have eaten hundreds of wings from here. I was VERY disappointed this evening. Had 2 broken wings and varied in size, sauce was good but WAY too much of it and they were overcooked. It was also grimey, far worse than normal. Not sure I'll be back anytime soon, also forgot to photo these.

**Nepenthe**: Pretty good overall. Mostly good consistency in quality, 2 were a little too big, and the order itself only had 8 wings. There was no heat to the sauce, but the sauce was good, good consistency and creaminess. On advice of this sub, we ordered them crispy and thank god we did. Because even ordering them crispy they were not at all. Feel like they would be rubber on a normal order. Overall tasty but not executed terribly well.

**Charles Village Pub**: Not going to bother scoring the restaurant because its bad. Absolutely terrible. Reasonable consistency in size and quality. Terrible and broken sauce, no creaminess, no heat. The order came out cold and we sent them back. The kitchen refried the entire order, including the half eaten wing that I left on the plate. Somehow they came back still luke warm but I didn't bother eating them. The waiter was also terrible. These were the worst wings I've ever had, and that's saying something.




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suburban_paradise t1_iretptq wrote

Praise be to the content creator. Praise be.

I can't believe Charles Village refried the half-eaten wing. I'd love to meet whoever made that decision so long as we were separated by protective glass.


markISsolid t1_irevobz wrote

I will stand by rating DK Tavern one of the highest. If you want to get a little crazy, get the buffalo garlic parm sauce and the get a side of the Extra Spicy to pour over them. Phenomenal.


why_grapefruit_why t1_irfyvs9 wrote

I went for the first time this Wednesday. I will be back every Wednesday going forward if they keep that special going. It’s a great deal and the wings are superb. I’ll have to try the extra spicy, I loved the buffalo garlic parm tho, so delicious!


Robbiebphoto t1_irevgqg wrote

Gonna have to try Don’t Know Tavern. I think I’ve had that waiter at Charles Village Pub…


ginguhbreadman t1_irfjq10 wrote

Gotta plug Lighthouse Tavern in Canton. Might not be #1 but they are absolutely solid. Nice beer selection, too.


AreWeCowabunga t1_irey6r9 wrote

I too went to Charles Village Pub just for a change of pace and, while my experience wasn't quite as bad as yours, yeah, the wings sucked. I'm pretty sure the sauce is whatever crap they can order from their food distributor and is probably vegetable oil with some hot sauce in it. Anyplace that doesn't make their own sauce isn't even in the conversation.


suburban_paradise t1_irezquv wrote

Which is crazy because perfectly good wing sauce is just butter mixed with Franks, but I guess that’s too much to ask for some places.


jabbadarth t1_irf0jts wrote

A little disappointed in Delia Foleys rating but to each their own. You are however dead right about killings that they put way too much sauce. It's been years since I've been there but it's like Buffalo wing soup. If they cut back by like 75% on the sauce the wings would be so much better.


EfficiencySuch6361 t1_irfm051 wrote

Their wings are terrible for the price. They really haven’t been good since like 2 years after current ownership took over, too rubbery now


jabbadarth t1_irfv25y wrote

Honestly I had them 2 months ago but was drunk and prior to that haven't had them in 2 or 3 years.


EfficiencySuch6361 t1_irg4e4v wrote

I was talking about DF, not sure if that was clear. Been several years since I had Kislings


jabbadarth t1_irg4z6e wrote

Yeah Delia Foleys. I haven't been to kislings in even longer.


wcmotel OP t1_irf77cs wrote

No one was more disappointed than me, I can assure you.


LeetSawse t1_irf830n wrote

Stackhouse is my favorite happy hour spot, nice to see their wings get some recognition. You should try Smaltimore and Snake Hill.

Edit: I lived near Kisslings two years ago and had the same experience. I guess they’re consistent?


trymypi t1_irftfjl wrote

Stackhouse beer selection is amazing too. Maine Brewing on draft is always a good choice


wcmotel OP t1_irf9jk5 wrote

I do not like Snake Hill's at all. They are freakishly big and never crispy enough. Might be because they are marinated.

I haven't been to Smaltimore in a long time. Maybe I'll pop in.


Edit: I also love Stackhouse, and was a regular before COVID.


Matt3989 t1_irfaps4 wrote

I agree about Snake Hill, I like their other food a lot, but I feel like I'm biting into a chicken breast with a bone in the middle for their wings.

IIRC Smaltimore gets their sauces from Delia's, so you might be disappointed there. I put Mahaffey's wings above theirs, but I'll have to give Stackhouse another shot.


FeedUsFetusFeetPus t1_irevhhm wrote

I have sought this quest as well. You speak treachery against House Foley's. I bet you use ranch you scum! Although I shant combat your assessment of their bone-in wings, they have the best boneless wings witnessed by the old gods and the new.

Not in the city but try the Guinness Brewery's Jamaican Jerk Wings. I had em last week and they were fire.


Matt3989 t1_irexc44 wrote

> the best boneless wings

Your argument is invalid.


AreWeCowabunga t1_irexkx6 wrote

That just makes him a typical Delia Foleys lover.


Matt3989 t1_irey1v0 wrote

I have no problem with chicken bites (or whatever you want to call them), but they are a sauce delivery device and shouldn't be in the conversation of "wings".


Queeb_the_Dweeb t1_irezmnt wrote

Not sure why adults are afraid to just order chicken nuggets. They have to spice up the name to sound mature or some shit.


jabbadarth t1_irf0axv wrote

Yeah calling them.boneless wings is stupid. Just call them Buffalo popcorn chicken or Buffalo chicken bites. They are great but not at all wings.


YoYoMoMa t1_irf4slw wrote

>they have the best boneless wings

Talk about telling on yourself.


wcmotel OP t1_irf7ehq wrote

The night we were there we were the only people eating real wings, everyone else having nuggets.


B-More_Orange t1_irf1zxf wrote

I've heard very good things about Sally O's wings


wcmotel OP t1_irf7a6z wrote

Yeah they are good, but they are definitely not of the buffalo style.


LoneTayra t1_irf07ln wrote

Thank you for your commitment to the cause!


burstsuppressant t1_irfc2te wrote

Firstly, thanks for all the work you’ve put into this. Since Kislings is my normal go to wing spot I’m now motivated to go try some others on your list.

About Kislings: I’ve never noticed them to be aggressively sauced. But my view may be skewed because I always get them carry out. I really enjoy the flavor of their buffalo sauce; it reminds me of the flavor of buffalo wings I had as a kid growing up and first learning to love wings. i’ve also been pretty impressed with their consistency.


DollarValueLIFO t1_irh0iv2 wrote

Ibar and Hudson Street stack house are my favorites.


antoine2497 t1_irezd7n wrote

Dude, you should also try the wings at American Wings N Pizza. I really like their spicy garlic. I would like to see how that compares to other places on your list.


sit_down_man t1_irhango wrote

Is this the place on 24th? I live right there and was always curious if anything was good from there since it’s just a random carry out place. I guess I gotta try their wings now lol


antoine2497 t1_irilh3k wrote

But I can only vouch for their wings. Never bothered with the other stuff.


betterthanclooney t1_irf8fwc wrote

Magic City wings at DK for $6 is one of my favorite meals


FrancisSobotka1514 t1_irfcyyx wrote

Anyone remember wings to go ?


elcad t1_irfv4cu wrote

I lived above Shane Shoes when they were on the corner of S. Charles and E. West streets. If you sat on the Gran Prix with no paint to eat your wings, that was my car.


zepp914 t1_irfg7tt wrote

Thanks again for letting us know how great Don't Know is. We have been there for happy hour a few times and when we have gone, we have been the only customers. Great little overlooked place 👍


bbbright t1_irfp5zz wrote

I haven’t ordered wings there in a couple years but all of the other food I’ve gotten there has been EXCELLENT. The crab tots in particular deserve a shout out. Guess I’ll have to get wings there sometime soon!


zepp914 t1_irgev6i wrote

I plan to try something different next time too. As for the wings, I really liked Korean Candy and the one that gets dusted with doritoes


Badluckgraduate t1_irfw44i wrote

Would be interested to see a review of Barracudas now that they are open again. By far the meatiest wing I’ve had in bmore


waker94 t1_irgtu7v wrote

Have you had them since reopen? Also remember them being great and dying to go back.


Badluckgraduate t1_irguops wrote

I have it’s one of my favorite places in the city. A bit pricey for “casual dining” but the food in very fresh and delicious


Bravesfan043 t1_irgi31g wrote

Have you had Mahaffey’s? Theirs are pretty solid.


wcmotel OP t1_irgj1tq wrote

I’ve had like 800 beers in the beer club there. Have had a million wings. They are on the list.


rboud90 t1_irh1l9s wrote

Great reviews. I was shocked and embarrassed when I went to Kislings, claiming to be the best wings in Baltimore, and received a packet of Ken’s Ranch for my dipping sauce.


fijimermaidsg t1_irf6qa8 wrote

Can you review Never on Sunday's buffalo wings? Not.a dine-in place (well you can...) but they have been reliable and open til late.


wcmotel OP t1_irf9mym wrote

I lived in Mt Vernon for years and have had them many times, but not recently. Decided maybe, but the vibe doesn't really track.


Ok_Ad8609 t1_irg3w9a wrote

I almost complained that there wasn’t a “total” score—then I realized I could scroll horizontally! Helpful reviews, thanks!


Captainxray t1_irg4iir wrote

This is important research and I commend your dedication.


TonyDanza888 t1_irg5nfk wrote

Still no Claddagh? Go during HH or on Sundays for the 30 wings for $28 special and thank me later.

Source: Buffalo Expat


wcmotel OP t1_iri3yrb wrote

I used to go there a lot for beer tubes and wings. They are definitely on the list.


Salsa-N-Chips t1_irh4hv4 wrote

I really recommend the green Buffalo wings from Sally-Os. Sounds weird but they were incredible.


wcmotel OP t1_iri40jo wrote

Agreed, I’ve had. Not Buffalo style tho.


peepeepants76 t1_iriofqh wrote

I love you. Two recommendations - try Zen West for regular wings and then try the wings at Full Tilt Brewing!


gothaggis t1_irg09ux wrote

I love homeslyce wings


PVinesGIS t1_irg4r0u wrote

I rarely see Local Fry mentioned in wing discussions. Are they not cared for or are they just relatively unknown?

I think their garlic lemon wings are insanely good.


wcmotel OP t1_irg788x wrote

Isn’t it just a takeout spot?


PVinesGIS t1_irg9fxr wrote

Mostly. It’s at the Rotunda so there’s plenty of outdoor seating available. Their food is really good, though… the wings and their topped fries.


wcmotel OP t1_irgifim wrote

Yeah when we set out on this I excluded local fry specifically because it’s not a real sit down place.


earnestlikehemingway t1_irgj4uc wrote

Here are other places if you haven't tried:
Underground Pizza
1157 Bar And Kitchen (Korean Fried Chicken Wings)
The Local Fry
The Chicken Lab


wcmotel OP t1_irgk3y7 wrote

This is specifically Buffalo wings only. So no go on 1157 or chicken lab. Also it needs to be a bar/restaurant. No take out style so no local fry and no BRD.

Underground pizza are baked. Not Buffalo.


earnestlikehemingway t1_irh5qq1 wrote

Underground says on their page that they bake then they fry them, they are available in buffalo.


Krombropulous_Mike t1_irgzpgb wrote

Koopers has some solid wings. You can taste they're wet brined in thyme/herbs, always big, fall off the bone wings. P.S. thank you for your service this is solid work


bmore t1_irinxox wrote

Add 29th Street Tavern (I would ask them to fry hard). I don't expect it to be at the top but they are generally reliable if I don't desire the slightly longer trek to iBar.


Robbiebphoto t1_irj862v wrote

Had wings at Ale Mary’s this week. There’s are finished on a grill so have an interesting char. Tasty but not a lot of sauce.


Obvious-Delay9570 t1_irgnnvf wrote

Try Americas best wings there’s some pretty decent sites in the county


wcmotel OP t1_irgtioi wrote

This looks like a takeout place and I’m definitely not going to a chain in the county.


Obvious-Delay9570 t1_irh2h1g wrote

Your loss. Honey Garlic pepper and Parmesan wings with a side of hush puppies and a half is a Great combination and Side Note: you’re definitely wasting your time trying to find good wings at restaurants the takeouts have the best ones usually in the inner-city


wcmotel OP t1_iri43de wrote

I will continue to waste my time.