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LeetSawse t1_irf830n wrote

Stackhouse is my favorite happy hour spot, nice to see their wings get some recognition. You should try Smaltimore and Snake Hill.

Edit: I lived near Kisslings two years ago and had the same experience. I guess they’re consistent?


trymypi t1_irftfjl wrote

Stackhouse beer selection is amazing too. Maine Brewing on draft is always a good choice


wcmotel OP t1_irf9jk5 wrote

I do not like Snake Hill's at all. They are freakishly big and never crispy enough. Might be because they are marinated.

I haven't been to Smaltimore in a long time. Maybe I'll pop in.


Edit: I also love Stackhouse, and was a regular before COVID.


Matt3989 t1_irfaps4 wrote

I agree about Snake Hill, I like their other food a lot, but I feel like I'm biting into a chicken breast with a bone in the middle for their wings.

IIRC Smaltimore gets their sauces from Delia's, so you might be disappointed there. I put Mahaffey's wings above theirs, but I'll have to give Stackhouse another shot.